Zoom (2006) Soundtrack 

Original Music Christophe Beck
Credited Songs 16 Songs
Contributor My Band Name level 1
Views 1168 (May), 32514 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Main Theme    The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Crouch End Festival Chorus
Hero    Enrique Iglesias
Dylan and Summer dance to this song at the party.   
Under Pressure    Smash Mouth
Song when the heroes are failing the tests.   
So Insane    Smash Mouth
Opening of movie AND 1st song in end credits.   
Hang On    Smash Mouth
Montage of the superheroes.   
Everyday Superhero    Smash Mouth
The superhero tryouts begin. AND end of the movie when the UFO flies away.   
Punk Rock 101    Bowling For Soup
The heroes are playing softball and break a window.   
Come On, Come On    Smash Mouth
The team starts to train.   
The Middle    Jimmy Eat World
The heroes succesfully train.   
Superman(It's Not Easy)    Five for Fighting
Zoom sits in his room and looks at pictures of the kids.   
Days Like These    Smash Mouth
The kids go back to their normal lives.   
It's On    1 Superchick
The Zenith Team fights Concussion.   
The World is New    Save Ferris
The team goes to Wendy's in the UFO.   
If She Knew What She Wants    The Bangles
Big Ups    Ms. Triniti

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