• Grown Ups Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 25th 2010
  • Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams
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Complete List of Songs

First song playing during the kids basketball game.
Goodnight Tonight
They're sneaking in the side with the kids to jump the queue at the waterslide. The hot guy approaches the ladies.
0:07 Marcus (David Spade) receives a phone call about the coaches death. This song is playing in the background.
Raga for a Whale
0:09 Outside the church when all the friends are meeting each other again.
0:10 One of Lenny's (Adam Sandler) kids ringtone that plays at the funeral.
0:17 Rob (Rob Schneider) sings this song at the funeral. All his friends start laughing at him.
0:18 Reception background music.
0:18 Reception background music.
Last Child
0:20 When they're all driving to the lake house after the funeral
A Life of Illusion
0:26 Lenny (Sandler) forces his kids to come outside and get out of the house to play.
A Night Like This
0:28 All of the families are eating dinner at the restaurant.
Love Is Alive
0:30 2nd song that plays during dinner at the restaurant. The waitress is taking orders.
I Could Be Good for You
0:31 Lenny (Sandler) runs into Dickie at the restaurant. He challenges him to a rematch over the speakers.
0:32 During the dinner at the restaurant. Lenny tells the others he's going to Italy.
Rock and Roll Never Forgets
0:38 Camera flies out over the lake. The five guys are rowing out to the island to release the ashes.
Lay It On the Line
0:40 They reach the island to throw the ashes. They sit around with a KFC bucket before Rob releases them.
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
0:42 They get back after throwing the ashes. Eric (Kevin James) is dancing up the hill to this song. Rob's hot daughter shows up and the others stare at her as she opens the bonnet.
Walk All Over You
0:46 When they play arrow roulette and run around trying to dodge the arrow.
Time for Me to Fly
0:54 Roxanne is about to leave the lake house but sees her kids playing and skimming rocks in the lake. She tries to skim one but hits her son.
Just Can't Wait
0:56 They go to the waterpark.
Ready for Love
0:58 They ladies are lying by the pool and notice the hot guy across the pool flexing his pecs.
Come and Get Your Love
0:59 Sally takes her shirt off and dances around in her bikini to intrigue the hot guy across the pool.
Just Got Back
1:01 Slow motion of everyone sliding into the water. Rob pushes the slide attendant down the slide. All the guys pee in the pool.
Life of Illusion
1:06 After the waterpark, they're shooting hoops.
The Party's Over
1:08 Marcus (David Spade) is drinking around the fire while trying to get everyone to do shots with him.
Sentimental Lady
1:09 Marcus (Spade) says he loves this song and Gloria says it makes her horny. All the couples get up and dance to it.
Monday Morning
1:14 The girls are sewing and cooking in the morning when Marcus comes out of the closet.
Two Tickets To Paradise
1:15 The guys are playing chutes and ladder. Rob tells them he's thinking of having a baby. Rob chases Marcus after he thinks he slept with his daughter.
1:23 Everyone hugs after their confessions and they go to the 4th of July picnic. The kids are playing in the water and Eric tries to waterski but breaks the engine.
Every 1's a Winner
1:27 During the rematch basketball game. The guys walk up in slow motion and their wives cheerlead.
Better Things
1:33 Playing after the basketball game during the fireworks. Marcus shoots an arrow in the air again.
American Fun
1:34 First song in the end credits.
1:36 2nd song in the end credits.
Stan the Man
1:37 3rd song in the end credits.
I Still Want You

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