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Whereever You Were Song Available on Rdio Holly Golightly
0:38 Frank gets changed in front of the car. Valentina applauds him and gets out of the car.
I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
0:41 Frank chases after his car to make sure it doesnt explode. He manages to get back inside.
Bounce Song Available on Rdio Busta Rhymes
0:48 Valentina puts this song on in the car while high on pills. They stop at a petrol station.
Trans Boulogne Express Song Available on Rdio Birdy Nam Nam
0:52 Car chase scene against the black mercedes.
Hell Is Around the Corner Song Available on Rdio Tricky
1:03 Frank kisses Valentina on the edge of the cliff.
Texas Benjamin Theves
1:05 Valentina is telling Frank that she was kidnapped from a club.
Set It On Fire Song Available on Rdio Eve
1:33 1st song in end credits.
Fusion Foundation Atmosphere


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