Shanghai Noon (2000) Soundtrack 

Original Music Randy Edelman
Official Soundtrack 28 Songs
Credited Songs 7 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

La Grange    ZZ Top
0:35 Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) and Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) fight the cowboys in the saloon/bar.   
Cowboy    Kid Rock
0:50 Roy is teaching Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) to be a cowboy. They practice pulling out guns and jumping on horses.   
Back In the Saddle    Aerosmith
1:11 Song when Chon and Roy manage to escape from the hanging.   
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah    Uncle Kracker
1:41 2nd song during end credits.   
A-maje-cumbe    Simon Boswell
Blackjack Rag    Keith Nichols


1 Forbidden City Randy Edelman
2 Journey of the Imperial Guard Randy Edelman
3 A Fragile Princess Randy Edelman
4 From East to West Randy Edelman
5 A New and Grand Country Randy Edelman
6 Mountains and Streams Randy Edelman
7 Becoming a Cowboy In Carson City Randy Edelman
8 Leaving a Friend Randy Edelman
9 The Anywhere Saloon Randy Edelman
10 Say Hello to the Tribe Randy Edelman
11 Breakout At the Mission Randy Edelman
12 Getting Extremely Personal Randy Edelman
13 Bonding In Jail Randy Edelman
14 Shanghai Noon Randy Edelman
15 A Classic Gunfight Randy Edelman
16 Dinner for Three At SueSingOui Randy Edelman
17 Protecting a Princess Randy Edelman
18 Escaping Death Randy Edelman
19 Roy's Epiphany Randy Edelman
20 The Cows Help the Jailbirds Randy Edelman
21 Martial Arts Randy Edelman
22 No Secret Randy Edelman
23 The Hanging Randy Edelman
24 Buried Alive? Randy Edelman
25 Rumble On the Train Randy Edelman
26 Home On the Rangoon Randy Edelman
27 Finale Randy Edelman
28 A Fading Wish (Piano Solo) Randy Edelman
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