• The Expendables Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 8th 2010
  • Composer Brian Tyler
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Complete List of Songs

Keep Your Hands To Yourself
0:08 Flying back on the plane after their first mission.
Keep On Chooglin'
0:12 After Lee (Stathom) leaves his girlfriends house. Plays in the tattoo shop as Tool (Rourke) rides in on his bike.
Mississippi Queen
0:25 Playing in the plane with Lee and Ross (Stallone) after discussing the mission.
Hacienda Grande
0:30 In the gulf of Mexico when they are offered the mission.
1:32 Song at end of movie at the tattoo shop. Knife throwing competition.
The Boys Are Back in Town
1:34 First song during end credits.

Official Soundtrack

The Expendables Official Soundtrack
1 The Expendables Brian Tyler
2 Aerial Brian Tyler
3 Ravens and Skulls Brian Tyler
4 Lee and Lacy Brian Tyler
5 Massive Brian Tyler
6 The Gulf of Aden Brian Tyler
7 Lifeline Brian Tyler
8 Confession Brian Tyler
9 Royal Rumble Brian Tyler
10 Scanning the Enemy Brian Tyler
11 The Contact Brian Tyler
12 Surveillance Brian Tyler
13 Warriors Brian Tyler
14 Trinity Brian Tyler
15 Waterboard Brian Tyler
16 Losing His Mind Brian Tyler
17 Take Your Money Brian Tyler
18 Giant With a Shotgun Brian Tyler
19 Time to Leave Brian Tyler
20 Mayhem and Finale Brian Tyler

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