• Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2003
  • Composer David Kitay
  • Views 12k

Complete List of Songs

Chick Magnet
Let's Get Retarded
This song plays as Harold enters his room to find Kumar trimming his pubic hair.
Rock to the Rythm
Same Ole Song
Crazy On You
Plays as Kumar fantasizes about having a relationship with a giant bag of weed.
I Wanna Get Next to You
Plays as Harold gives a long speech to Maria in the elevator and they start kissing.
Baby, Baby
Harold and Kumar are listening to the tapes in the skateboard punks\' car and sing to this song.
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Faraway (featured In North Shore) (feat. Classic)
Mariachi Speier
Click Click Pow
Dance to the Warrior
Rock Your Body 2004
Looking for Bueno
Girl from Ypsilanti (as Heard In Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle)
On the Ganges (as Heard In Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle)
Ballin' Boy
Also Sprach Zarathustra

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