• The Rules of Attraction Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2001
  • Composer tomandandy
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Complete List of Songs

0:13 Sean (James Van der Beek) sings Kelly a song on his guitar in his room before having sex with her.
Aida Grand March
0:15 Opening credits opera-like song.
Six Different Ways
0:16 Song after opening credits. Sean and Lauren are at college. Paul is doing yoga.
Out of the Races and on to the Tracks
0:27 Paul is at the bonfire party. He dances over to Mitch and Mitch tells him to stay away from him.
0:28 Second song at the bonfire party. Paul and Sean meet and talk.
0:30 Lauren (Shannyn Sossamon) wakes up to this song in the morning. She brushes her teeth and walks to college. Split screen as Sean wakes up and has a smoke.
L'ami Cauette (My Pal Peanut)
0:36 Paul gets dressed and tries on clothes in front of the mirror
0:38 They drive Harry (Jay Baruchel) to the hospital after he tries to commit suicide. This song plays in the car ride over.
Sunday Girl
0:40 Lara (Jessica Beil) is getting ready in front of the mirror while Lauren looks at a book on the bed. They talk about the pill.
Sei Dein Eigener Held
0:42 German song playing during the party. Sean is talking to Lara, he wants to know if Lauren is coming.
0:48 Sean and Paul are smoking pot in Paul's room. Split camera as Paul imagines having sex with Sean.
Lust to Love
0:54 Lara and Lauren are snorting cocaine and Lara tells her tonight's the night with Sean.
0:58 Richard 'Dick' and Paul are dancing together on the bed.
When I Get You Alone
1:03 First song at 'The Dressed to Get Screwed Party'.
1:07 After Sean receives his last letter from his admirer. She takes a bath and cuts her wrists and commits suicide.
Post Suicide
1:12 After the girl commits suicide. Lauren is skateboarding while crying over Sean. Sean reads the letter and knocks on Lauren's door.
1:17 After Sean attempts to commit suicide. Lauren finds him with fake blood all over him and she runs away.
1:24 Sean drives Mitchell\'s car to run a drug deal for Victor.
The Gentleman who Fell
1:30 Lauren is crying on her bed looking over her book. Her friend tells her Victor is back from Europe.
1:42 First song during the end credits.
Gumballs/Gay Song Definitely
Motivational Song
Boogie Man Boogie

Official Soundtrack

The Rules of Attraction Official Soundtrack
1 Carol of the Bells tomandandy
2 Six Different Ways Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Cure
3 Out of the Races and on to the Tracks Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Rapture
4 Colours Donovan
5 Situation Yaz
6 Sunday Girl Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Blondie
7 So Alive Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Love and Rockets
8 Pre-Saturday Night Party Party tomandandy
9 Afternoon Delight Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Starland Vocal Band
10 Without You Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Harry Nilsson
11 European Vacation Tomandandy featuring Kip Pardue
12 The Gentleman who Fell Milla Jovovich
13 Snow Theatre / Final Steps tomandandy
14 Stop Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Erasure

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