• The Rules of Attraction Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2001
  • Composer tomandandy
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Complete List of Songs

0:13 Sean (James Van der Beek) sings Kelly a song on his guitar in his room before having sex with her.
Aida Grand March
0:15 Opening credits opera-like song.
Six Different Ways
0:16 Song after opening credits. Sean and Lauren are at college. Paul is doing yoga.
Out of the Races and on to the Tracks
0:27 Paul is at the bonfire party. He dances over to Mitch and Mitch tells him to stay away from him.
0:28 Second song at the bonfire party. Paul and Sean meet and talk.
0:30 Lauren (Shannyn Sossamon) wakes up to this song in the morning. She brushes her teeth and walks to college. Split screen as Sean wakes up and has a smoke.
L'ami Cauette (My Pal Peanut)
0:36 Paul gets dressed and tries on clothes in front of the mirror
0:38 They drive Harry (Jay Baruchel) to the hospital after he tries to commit suicide. This song plays in the car ride over.
Sunday Girl
0:40 Lara (Jessica Beil) is getting ready in front of the mirror while Lauren looks at a book on the bed. They talk about the pill.
Sei Dein Eigener Held
0:42 German song playing during the party. Sean is talking to Lara, he wants to know if Lauren is coming.
0:48 Sean and Paul are smoking pot in Paul's room. Split camera as Paul imagines having sex with Sean.
Lust to Love
0:54 Lara and Lauren are snorting cocaine and Lara tells her tonight's the night with Sean.
0:58 Richard 'Dick' and Paul are dancing together on the bed.
When I Get You Alone
1:03 First song at 'The Dressed to Get Screwed Party'.
1:07 After Sean receives his last letter from his admirer. She takes a bath and cuts her wrists and commits suicide.
Post Suicide
1:12 After the girl commits suicide. Lauren is skateboarding while crying over Sean. Sean reads the letter and knocks on Lauren's door.
1:17 After Sean attempts to commit suicide. Lauren finds him with fake blood all over him and she runs away.
1:24 Sean drives Mitchell\'s car to run a drug deal for Victor.
The Gentleman who Fell
1:30 Lauren is crying on her bed looking over her book. Her friend tells her Victor is back from Europe.
1:42 First song during the end credits.
Gumballs/Gay Song Definitely
Motivational Song
Boogie Man Boogie

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