Donnie Brasco (1997) Soundtrack 

Original Music Graeme Revell
Official Soundtrack 19 Songs
Credited Songs 27 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

A Stranger On Earth    Dinah Washington
First song during opening credits.   
Roman Guitar (with Joe Reisman's Orchestra)    Lou Monte
0:02 Lefty is arguing in the bar about how the cadillac is a better car.   
(The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart    Lou Monte
0:03 Second song at the bar while Lefty is asking who the guy at the bar is.   
Just Around the Corner    Herbie Hancock
0:06 Donnie is explaining that the diamond is real.   
Dance With Me    Peter Brown
0:08 Lefty and Donnie confront the dimaond seller in the strip club. Donnie beats him up and steals his car keys.   
One Way or Another    Blondie
0:10 Donnie Brasco and Lefty tow away their new Porsche   
How Deep is Your Love    Johnny Mathis
0:16 Donnie is looking at photos of himself and lefty in the cafe with another cop.   
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas    Jerry Vale
0:18 At Lefty's apartment as Donnie introduces himself to Lefty's family.   
Silver Bells    Vic Dana
0:20 Lefty's son tells him he's going out and Lefty tells Donnie that he's a junkie.   
Working My Way Back to You    The Spinners
0:29 Donnie and Lefty drive across the bridge. Lefty is discussing the newspaper.   
Love On the Rocks    Neil Diamond
0:31 Lefty enters the guy and finds Sonny past the guys playing cards.   
Happiness    The Pointer Sisters
0:36 Three women performing live in the club onstage. Montage as the police build their case and Donnie hands over the tapes.   
Don't Bring Me Down    Electric Light Orchestra
0:39 Car driving on highway after Donnie Brasco breaks things in his bedroom. Continues at the bar.   
Brooklyn Girls    Robbie Dupree
0:40 Donnie meets Dean in the cafe and they discuss the operation.   
What You Won't Do For Love    Bobby Caldwell
0:47 Donnie and Lefty are driving at night. Donnie tells Lefty he should trust Sonny. Donnie talks about Florida.   
The Latin One    El Chicano
0:49 Playing at the Miami water park. They play tennis and watch the greyhounds.   
Cool Jerk    Ricardo Storball
0:50 Song as Richie drives up in his purple sports car.   
Por la Primera Vez    Jimmy Sabater
0:56 Sonny is reading the news paper by the pool. Donnie is talking to his wife on the phone.   
Love Machine    The Miracles
1:00 First song playing on the boat while Lefty watches Sonny through the glass.   
Heart of Glass    Blondie
1:03 Second song playing on the boat. People are dancing while Lefty tells Donnie he's disgusted with him.   
Disco Inferno    The Trammps
1:18 Sonny, Lefty and the others arrive at the bar and shake hands. People are gambling and playing games.   
What Goes Up    The Alans Parsons Project
1:27 Donnie is waiting in his parked car in the night while they kill Sonny Red.   
Return to Me    Dean Martin
1:37 Song playing in the bar when Lefty asks Donnie to go for a walk with him   
Deep Purple    Vic Damone
1:50 The FBI reveal that Donnie is an undercover FBI agent.   
Love Under the Apple Tree    Emily Bindiger
Thumb It Up    Curt Sobel and Gary Schreiner


1 Lonely Man Patrick Doyle
2 A Friend of Mine Patrick Doyle
3 You Like the Moustache? Patrick Doyle
4 New Car Patrick Doyle
5 Donnie Gets Involved Patrick Doyle
6 This Ain't New York Patrick Doyle
7 Donnie & the Morman Patrick Doyle
8 Mickey Mantle Arrives Patrick Doyle
9 You Belong to Me Now Patrick Doyle
10 Father and Son Patrick Doyle
11 The Raid Patrick Doyle
12 Dust Off the Guns Patrick Doyle
13 The Call Patrick Doyle
14 The Shoot-Out Patrick Doyle
15 Lefty Sees the Light Patrick Doyle
16 Donnie's Taken Out Patrick Doyle
17 The Real Donnie Patrick Doyle
18 The Final Call Patrick Doyle
19 Donnie and Lefty Patrick Doyle
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