• Donnie Brasco Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 28th 1997
  • Composer Graeme Revell
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Complete List of Songs

A Stranger On Earth
First song during opening credits.
Roman Guitar (with Joe Reisman's Orchestra)
0:02 Lefty is arguing in the bar about how the cadillac is a better car.
(The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart
0:03 Second song at the bar while Lefty is asking who the guy at the bar is.
Just Around the Corner
0:06 Donnie is explaining that the diamond is real.
Dance With Me
0:08 Lefty and Donnie confront the dimaond seller in the strip club. Donnie beats him up and steals his car keys.
One Way or Another
0:10 Donnie Brasco and Lefty tow away their new Porsche
How Deep is Your Love
0:16 Donnie is looking at photos of himself and lefty in the cafe with another cop.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
0:18 At Lefty's apartment as Donnie introduces himself to Lefty's family.
Silver Bells
0:20 Lefty's son tells him he's going out and Lefty tells Donnie that he's a junkie.
Working My Way Back to You
0:29 Donnie and Lefty drive across the bridge. Lefty is discussing the newspaper.
Love On the Rocks
0:31 Lefty enters the guy and finds Sonny past the guys playing cards.
0:36 Three women performing live in the club onstage. Montage as the police build their case and Donnie hands over the tapes.
0:39 Car driving on highway after Donnie Brasco breaks things in his bedroom. Continues at the bar.
Brooklyn Girls
0:40 Donnie meets Dean in the cafe and they discuss the operation.
What You Won't Do For Love
0:47 Donnie and Lefty are driving at night. Donnie tells Lefty he should trust Sonny. Donnie talks about Florida.
The Latin One
0:49 Playing at the Miami water park. They play tennis and watch the greyhounds.
0:50 Song as Richie drives up in his purple sports car.
Por la Primera Vez
0:56 Sonny is reading the news paper by the pool. Donnie is talking to his wife on the phone.
Love Machine
1:00 First song playing on the boat while Lefty watches Sonny through the glass.
Heart of Glass
1:03 Second song playing on the boat. People are dancing while Lefty tells Donnie he's disgusted with him.
Disco Inferno
1:18 Sonny, Lefty and the others arrive at the bar and shake hands. People are gambling and playing games.
1:27 Donnie is waiting in his parked car in the night while they kill Sonny Red.
Return to Me
1:37 Song playing in the bar when Lefty asks Donnie to go for a walk with him
Deep Purple
1:50 The FBI reveal that Donnie is an undercover FBI agent.
Love Under the Apple Tree

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