Employee of the Month (2006) Soundtrack 

Original Music Graeme Revell
Official Soundtrack 13 Songs
Credited Songs 19 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Working In the Coal Mine    Devo
First song during opening credits. Zack (Dane Cook) is skating around the warehouse.   
All About the Money    Christophe Beck
0:10 Amy, the new girl enters the store and Jerry approaches her. Zack walks up to talk to her.   
Cobrastyle    Teddybears
0:18 Zack finds his old work coat and shows his grandma. He sets his alarm clock and awakes the following morning.   
Too Hot    Swollen Members
0:27 Song playing at the children's birthday party.   
Kiss You All Over    1 Exile
0:32 Vince and Jorge sit in the car at the parking lot. Jorge says he loves this song while Vince tries to sell him the car.   
Do It Alone    Sugarcult
0:36 Montage as Zack steps it up and tries to defeat Vince in the store.   
Everything's Right    Matt Wertz
0:55 Song as Zack runs into Amy at the natural food store. She is introduced to Zack\'s grandma.   
Face Down    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
1:00 Glen and Dirk are trying to find a place for the pallets in the store.   
Like That    Felli Fel
1:04 Plays in Amy's car after she picks Zack up from his house.   
Trainwreck    The Sammies
1:16 During the baseball game between Super Club and Maxi Mart   
Can't Fight This Feeling    REO Speedwagon
1:25 Plays at the bar as Zack tries to talk to his friends. They're angry at him and Amy overhears the conversation so storms out.   
Wasted Days    Highwater Rising ft. Aidan Hawken
1:26 Zack and Amy start fighting before Amy leaves.   
Shine On    Needtobreathe
1:40 Amy and Zack kiss after he wins employee of the month.   
Surrender    Camp Freddy
1:46 Third song during end credits.   
Postman    The Sammies
Supple    G'Cool
Satisfied    Richard Marx
Swimming In the Pool    Alternative Champs
Kiss You All Over    Santino


1 Cobrastyle Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Teddybears
2 Do It Alone Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Sugarcult
3 Face Down Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
4 Surrender Camp Freddy
5 Coming Out Wild Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Sammies
6 Hard to Beat Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Hard-Fi
7 Can't Fight This Feeling Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio REO Speedwagon
8 Wasted Days Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Highwater Rising ft. Aidan Hawken
9 Kiss You All Over Santino
10 Twentieth Century Boy Camp Freddy
11 Disco Boy / Anal / Covered In Chocolate / Taking a Dump / The Sh***ter Is John Swihart
12 Pocket Rocket John Swihart
13 Trainwreck Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Sammies
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