• Employee of the Month Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 6th 2006
  • Composer Graeme Revell
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Complete List of Songs

Working In the Coal Mine
First song during opening credits. Zack (Dane Cook) is skating around the warehouse.
All About the Money
0:10 Amy, the new girl enters the store and Jerry approaches her. Zack walks up to talk to her.
0:18 Zack finds his old work coat and shows his grandma. He sets his alarm clock and awakes the following morning.
0:27 Song playing at the children's birthday party.
Kiss You All Over
0:32 Vince and Jorge sit in the car at the parking lot. Jorge says he loves this song while Vince tries to sell him the car.
Do It Alone
0:36 Montage as Zack steps it up and tries to defeat Vince in the store.
Everything's Right
0:55 Song as Zack runs into Amy at the natural food store. She is introduced to Zack\'s grandma.
1:00 Glen and Dirk are trying to find a place for the pallets in the store.
Like That
1:04 Plays in Amy's car after she picks Zack up from his house.
1:16 During the baseball game between Super Club and Maxi Mart
Can't Fight This Feeling
1:25 Plays at the bar as Zack tries to talk to his friends. They're angry at him and Amy overhears the conversation so storms out.
1:26 Zack and Amy start fighting before Amy leaves.
1:40 Amy and Zack kiss after he wins employee of the month.
1:46 Third song during end credits.
Swimming In the Pool
Kiss You All Over

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