• The Social Network Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 1st 2010
  • Composer Graeme Revell
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Complete List of Songs

Ball and Biscuit
First song as Mark sits in the bar with his girlfriend, Erica talking about school clubs.
0:01 Mark tells Eduardo to come back to Palo Alto for millionth member party
0:05 Opening credits as mark runs through the Harvard college grounds after the break up.
0:09 After Erica breaks up with Mark and he blogs about her on LiveJournal. Plays briefly as background music from another dorm room.
0:10 Mark hacks into the various schools after his breakup and starts developing his new website, 'FaceMash' by stealing student display pics. He blogs simultaneously.
0:12 FaceMash goes lives and floods the Harvard servers causing it to crash.
It Catches Up With You
0:20 Mark reads the note and leaves class. Mark meets the Winklevii.
Dreadlock Holiday
0:24 Song playing at the Carribbean house party at the frat house.
0:26 Eduardo and Mark talk outside the Caribbean house party.
Intriguing Possibilities
0:29 Lawyer reads the emails. Mark begin creating Facebook. Eduardo pass the Phoenix challenges.
Painted Sun In Abstract
0:34 Mark adds the relation status after talking with Dusting. FB begins. Mark prays.
0:38 Narendra sees FB and go warning the twins.
0:38 After TheFacebook launches. The Capella is singing this at a school presentation.
0:41 Lawyer asks Mark why he didn't ask for money to the twins. Mark answer Eduardo was his friend. "Tell me more" scene.
Eventually We Find Our Way
0:48 Sex at the rest rooms.
1:01 Eduardo and Mark go to see ad-man (Sorkin).
1:07 During the dinner where Mark first meets Sean Parker. Eduardo describes the situation to the lawyers and says Mark was very impressed by him.
California Uber Alles
1:17 Plays briefly after the internet hacking initiation for the interns.
West Coast Poplock
1:18 Mark and his friends are zip lining into the pool from the roof before the chimney breaks. Sean (Justin Timberlake) knocks on the front door.
Sound of Violence
1:20 Song in the club as Mark and Sean are talking about the website.
In the Hall of the Mountain King
1:24 During the rowing competition race.
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
1:25 After the rowing race. The twins find out facebook has expanded.
1:28 Playing at Mark's house as the girls are playing video games. Eduardo arrives at the door and Sean lets him in.
1:29 Eduardo cancel account.
1:32 Mark telephones Eduardo. Scarf on fire!
Underground Rapster (Post-Mortem Remix)
1:40 Mark Zuckerberg is in the car with Sean Parker before he runs into the building to spite Case Investments.
1:41 Playing in the facebook offices as Eduardo realizes his shares have been liquified according to the contract.
Black Book Lodge
1:46 Plays at the house party at the end of the movie after facebook reaches one million users.
The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
1:46 Parker phones Marks after arrest.
Baby, You're a Rich Man
1:55 Final shot, in which Mark sends his ex a friend request and refreshes the page every few seconds in anticipation of her response.
Soft Trees Break the Fall
1:56 End credits (after "Baby you're a rich man)
Like A Bad Girl Should
Ital Visions

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