• Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 13th 2010
  • Composer Graeme Revell
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Complete List of Songs

We Are Sex Bob-Omb
0:03 First song as Scott's band plays during the opening credits.
Scott Pilgrim
0:05 Scott (Michael Cera) walks into his house to find Wallace sitting in his chair. Pilgrim tells him he's dating a 17 year old.
Ninja Ninja Revolution
0:07 The music for the video game Knives and Scott are playing together as he tells her about Pac Man.
0:08 Scott Pilgrim goes shopping in the music store with his new girlfriend knives.
Garbage Truck
0:11 Scott is in the library with Knives when he see's Ramona for the first time. His band wakes him up from his dream.
Churches Under the Stairs
0:12 First song playing at the party. Scott says 'this sucks'. He asks Comeau if he knows a girl that looks like this.
I Heard Ramona Sing
0:14 Scott goes looking for Ramona at the party and finds her leaning on the wall.
Enter Goddess
0:19 MIDI version as Scott walks into the bathroom to pee. Choral version as Scott walks out of the bathroom and flash-forwards to his dream, where he sees Ramona at the door.
0:23 Ramona takes Scott through the door on their date. They go back to her house and Ramona asks him if he wants some tea. Continues as they kiss.
0:26 Played as Ramona walks into The Rockit
I'm So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad
0:27 Crash and the Boys play their first song on stage.
We Hate You Please Die
0:28 Crash and the Boys play their second song on stage.
Slick (Patel's Song)
0:34 Matthew Patel sings this song during the fight with Scott Pilgrim as he shoots fireballs at him.
0:37 Scott gets home and tells Wallace that he has a date with Ramona and to get out of the apartment.
Teenage Dream
0:39 Scott takes the bus home after breaking up with Knives.
Final Fantasy II Battle I
0:40 Scott plays the bass line from Final Fantasy II.
0:41 The band start practicing when Ramona knocks. Scott can't stop staring at her blue hair.
0:42 Scott complains to Wallace about Ramona changing her hair without asking.
0:43 Scott sings Ramona her song on the guitar.
Sleazy Bed Track
0:46 Scott and Ramona are kissing when Ramona tells him his hair is shaggy.
Nervous Breakdown
0:55 Playing in the background at the coffee store when Scott goes in to see sister but runs into Julie.
0:59 Knives dies her hair to compete with Ramona. Song continues as Sex Bob-Omb play the song on stage.
It's Getting Boring By the Sea
1:00 Knives shows up at the bar with Neil to show off in front of Scott.
1:00 After The Clash at Demonhead finish, Scott's friends comment on the performance and are then invited backstage. NOTE: The film uses a remix, Erol Alkan's Love From Below Re-Edit, according to the credits.
Black Sheep
1:02 Envy sings this for The Clash at Demonhead.
Latin America
1:18 After Scott and Ramona defeat Roxy at the bar. Scott orders two gin and tonics.
Katayanagi Twins Attack
1:21 During the battle against the Katayanagi twins.
1:22 The song Sex Bob-Omb play against the twins at the battle.
The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale)
1:23 Gideon kisses Ramona's green ring. (Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb continues almost immediately after).
Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl
1:24 After Scott wins the battle against the twins. Song plays as Scott goes to talk to Knives in the crowd.
1:25 Ramona breaks up with Scott and Gideon signs the band.
1:31 Scott goes to find Gideon and Ramona and finds his band playing in the theatre.
Threshold (8 Bit)
1:50 Third song during the end credits.

Official Soundtrack

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Official Soundtrack
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Official Soundtrack
1 Universal Theme 0
Nigel Godrich
2 Hillcrest Park 0
Nigel Godrich
3 Fight! 0
Nigel Godrich
4 Slick (Patel's Song) 0
Dan the Automator
5 Love Me Some Walking 0
Nigel Godrich
6 Talk to the Fist 0
Nigel Godrich
7 Rumble 0
Nigel Godrich
8 Feel the Wrath 0
Nigel Godrich
9 The Grind 0
Nigel Godrich
10 Hello Envy 0
Nigel Godrich
11 Mystery Attacker 0
Nigel Godrich
12 Second Cup 0
Nigel Godrich
13 The Vegan 0
Nigel Godrich
14 Bass Battle 0
Nigel Godrich, Jason Falkner & Justin Meldal-Johnsen
15 Sorry I Guess 0
Nigel Godrich
16 Roxy 0
Nigel Godrich
17 The Ninth Circle 0
Nigel Godrich
18 Katayanagi Twins Attack 0
19 This Fight Is Over 0
Nigel Godrich
20 Gideon Calling 0
Nigel Godrich
21 Level 7 0
Nigel Godrich
22 Welcome to Chaos Theatre 0
Nigel Godrich
23 We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast) 0
Beck & Nigel Godrich
24 Fast Entrance Into Hell 0
Nigel Godrich
25 Chau Down 0
Nigel Godrich
26 Game Over 0
Nigel Godrich
27 So Alone 0
Nigel Godrich
28 Round 2 0
Nigel Godrich
29 Death to All Hipsters 0
Beck & Nigel Godrich
30 A Different Guy 0
Nigel Godrich
31 Boss Battle 0
Nigel Godrich
32 Blowing Up Right Now 0
Nigel Godrich
33 Aftermath 0
Nigel Godrich
34 Bye and Stuff 0
Nigel Godrich
35 Love (Bonus Track) 0
36 Ramona (Bonus Track) 0
37 Prepare (Bonus Track) 0
38 Ninja Ninja Revolution 1
Dan the Automator

Trailer Music

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