Due Date (2010) Soundtrack 

Original Music Graeme Revell
Official Soundtrack 12 Songs
Credited Songs 15 Songs
Contributor Film buff dude. level 1
Views 2434 (May), 64814 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Hold On I'm Comin'    Sam and Dave
0:01 First song as Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) is talking on the phone about baby names.   
New Moon Rising    Wolfmother
0:23 Ethan and Peter drive off again after getting weed off the dealers. This song plays in the car.   
Mykonos    Fleet Foxes
0:42 Song playing in the car as Ethan is falling asleep while driving.   
That's Why I'm Hot    MIMS
0:49 Peter and Daryl (Jamie Foxx) drive off with Ethan in the back of the pick-up truck.   
Old Man    Neil Young
0:53 Plays in the car after they leave Darryl's house after they accidentally drink Ethan's fathers' ashes.   
Hey You    Pink Floyd
0:58 Ethan smokes weed from his bong while driving. Peter wakes up and realizes he and the dog are stoned.   
Is There a Ghost    Band of Horses
1:09 After Ethan rescues Peter from the Mexican border patrol officers by driving his trailer onto the freeway. Peter tells Ethan that he loves him and   
Amazing Grace    Rod Stewart
1:13 Song as Ethan spreads his dad\'s ashes at the grand canyon.   
Check Ya Self 2010    Ice Cube
1:21 They drive to the hospital after Ethan shoots Peter in the leg. This song plays in the car.   
People Are Crazy    Billy Currington
White Room    Cream
Sweet Jane    Cowboy Junkies
Glaucoma    Christophe Beck
A Good Sign    Christophe Beck
Ethan's Theme    Christophe Beck


1 Hold On I'm Comin' Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Sam and Dave
2 New Moon Rising Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Wolfmother
3 Is There a Ghost Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Band of Horses
4 People Are Crazy Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Billy Currington
5 White Room Cream
6 That's Why I'm Hot MIMS
7 Sweet Jane Cowboy Junkies
8 Amazing Grace Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Rod Stewart
9 Check Ya Self 2010 Ice Cube
10 Glaucoma Christophe Beck
11 A Good Sign Christophe Beck
12 Ethan's Theme Christophe Beck
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