• Due Date Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 5th 2010
  • Composer Graeme Revell
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Complete List of Songs

Hold On I'm Comin'
0:01 First song as Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) is talking on the phone about baby names.
New Moon Rising
0:23 Ethan and Peter drive off again after getting weed off the dealers. This song plays in the car.
0:42 Song playing in the car as Ethan is falling asleep while driving.
That's Why I'm Hot
0:49 Peter and Daryl (Jamie Foxx) drive off with Ethan in the back of the pick-up truck.
0:53 Plays in the car after they leave Darryl's house after they accidentally drink Ethan's fathers' ashes.
0:58 Ethan smokes weed from his bong while driving. Peter wakes up and realizes he and the dog are stoned.
Is There a Ghost
1:09 After Ethan rescues Peter from the Mexican border patrol officers by driving his trailer onto the freeway. Peter tells Ethan that he loves him and calls him wife.
Amazing Grace
1:13 Song as Ethan spreads his dad\'s ashes at the grand canyon.
Check Ya Self 2010
1:21 They drive to the hospital after Ethan shoots Peter in the leg. This song plays in the car.
People Are Crazy
White Room

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