Morning Glory (2010) Soundtrack 

Original Music David Arnold
Credited Songs 16 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Free Me Song Available on Rdio Joss Stone
0:02 First song during opening credits. Becky wakes up early and drives to work.   
Waiting for My Real Life to Begin Song Available on Rdio Colin Hay
0:08 After Becky (Rachel McAdams) is fired. Montage as she arrives home and tries to find a new job..   
Incredible Song Available on Rdio Joss Stone
0:09 Becky is offered a new job and rushes to get to the interview.   
New Shoes Song Available on Rdio Paolo Nutini
0:14 Becky gets the job and gets a new apartment. Montage as she packs up and moves.   
Stuck in the Middle with You Michael Buble
0:34 Mike (Harrison Ford) and Colleen (Diane Keaton) pose for a photo shoot after they start working with each other.   
Don't Hold Me Down Song Available on Rdio Colbie Caillat
0:40 Playing in the bar as Adam (Patrick Wilson) and Becky have a beer together. Becky leaves promptly.   
Johnny Got a Boom Boom Song Available on Rdio Imelda May
0:48 Becky leaves Adam's house in a rush after they realize Mike is on a bender and out getting drunk before her first day.   
Two Sleepy People Song Available on Rdio Hoagy Carmichael
0:51 Becky (McAdams) stays at Mike's (Ford) house to make sure he makes it into work the next day. She falls asleep though.   
Finale from String Quartet in B-Flat Major Kodaly Quartet
0:57 During their first news broadcast.   
Same Changes Song Available on Rdio The Weepies
1:01 Becky walks to work in the morning across the bridge after sleeping with Adam.   
Candy Shop 50 Cent
1:15 They manage to get 50 Cent to sing live on 'Daybreak'.   
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
1:16 The ratings start going up as Colleen dances on air with children.   
Are You Here Song Available on Rdio Corinne Bailey Rae
1:21 After the fight where Becky walks out on Adam (Patrick Wilson) because she's sick of feeling guilty about her work.   
Gone In the Morning Song Available on Rdio Newton Faulkner
1:39 Becky walks out on the Today show interview and runs back to Daybreak while Mike is cooking his omelette.   
Strip Me Song Available on Rdio Natasha Bedingfield
1:41 End of the movie after Becky returns to the Daybreak show. First song during end credits.   
Open Spaces 4 Ray Yates

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