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  • Film Release Nov 30th 2008
  • Composer David Arnold
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Complete List of Songs

This Ship Was Built to Last
First song as Nikki (Kutcher) looks out from the balcony.
Mainstay (Unsettled Mix)
0:02 Nikki enters the bar and walks upstairs to meet Samantha (Anne Heche)
Down In the Valley
0:06 Nikki kisses Samantha outside the club and drives her home.
0:11 Sex scene with Nikki and Sam. They go shopping together but then have more sex.
Been So Long
0:14 Nikki is driving away from the airport after dropping Samantha off. He later throws a party at her house.
0:28 Nikki and Samantha have sex again after she catches him with another woman.
International Travel Advisory
0:33 Song playing in the cafe while Nikki is trying to impress Heather by pretending he's on the phone.
Last Time Rewind
0:35 2nd song that plays in the cafe after Nikki is given his ticket and Heather asks him out.
0:55 Harry throws all of Nikki's stuff off the balcony. Nikki starts selling his clothes.
Right Hand On My Heart
0:58 Song as Nikki struts by the hotel pool before spotting Heather. They talk in the pool.
Shak'em Loose Tonight
1:03 Nikki and Heather drink in the bar as they spot Heather's target. They continue to dance with each other.
Think of You
1:12 Nikki and Heather kiss on the beach at sunset.
But My Heart Is Broken
1:16 Nikki is sitting at a cafe as he see's a girl walk past. He arrives back at his apartment and finds heather gone.
1:22 Nikki goes to Harry's apartment. They hug before heading to the airport. He arrives in New York.
The Garden You Planted
1:27 Nikki leaves the New York apartment and drops groceries off at Samanthas house.
1:31 First song during the end credits.

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