• Charlie St. Cloud Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 30th 2010
  • Composer David Arnold
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Complete List of Songs

0:10 Song playing in the car as Charlie is driving Sam.
0:18 After Sam's death. Charlie wakes up as the caretaker at the cemetery where his brother was buried. He cleans up the cemetary and chases the gooses away.
0:34 Alistair brings Charlie into the bar. Alistair sings to this song on stage and Charlie is introduced to Rachel.
We're Gonna Play
0:35 Second song at the bar after Alistair finishes singing karaoke on stage. Tess is staring at Charlie as her coach talks to her. Charlie punches Connors.
California Sun
0:45 It starts raining in the storm while Charlie is playing baseball with Sam. They start sliding on garbage tin lids on the water.
While We Were Dreaming
0:54 Charlie searches for Tess in the cemetery after she leaves his cabin. He finds her and they kiss.
Pull My Heart Away
1:33 First song during the end credits.
1:35 Second song during the end credits.

Official Soundtrack

Charlie St. Cloud Official Soundtrack
1 Racing Rolfe Kent
2 Graduating Rolfe Kent
3 Sam and Charlie Rolfe Kent
4 Ambulance Rolfe Kent
5 Finding Sam Rolfe Kent
6 Tess Rolfe Kent
7 Charlie's Gift Rolfe Kent
8 The Querencia Rolfe Kent
9 Flukes Rolfe Kent
10 The Brothers Rolfe Kent
11 I Can Cook Rolfe Kent
12 A Map and a Kiss Rolfe Kent
13 Sailing Rolfe Kent
14 You Didn't Die Rolfe Kent
15 Tess Is Missing Rolfe Kent
16 To Sea Rolfe Kent
17 The Hard Choice Rolfe Kent
18 Sunset Goodbye Rolfe Kent
19 Finding and Holding Rolfe Kent
20 Back On the Water Rolfe Kent
21 I Promise Rolfe Kent

Trailer Music

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