• Charlie St. Cloud Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 30th 2010
  • Composer David Arnold
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Complete List of Songs

0:10 Song playing in the car as Charlie is driving Sam.
0:18 After Sam's death. Charlie wakes up as the caretaker at the cemetery where his brother was buried. He cleans up the cemetary and chases the gooses away.
0:34 Alistair brings Charlie into the bar. Alistair sings to this song on stage and Charlie is introduced to Rachel.
We're Gonna Play
0:35 Second song at the bar after Alistair finishes singing karaoke on stage. Tess is staring at Charlie as her coach talks to her. Charlie punches Connors.
California Sun
0:45 It starts raining in the storm while Charlie is playing baseball with Sam. They start sliding on garbage tin lids on the water.
While We Were Dreaming
0:54 Charlie searches for Tess in the cemetery after she leaves his cabin. He finds her and they kiss.
Pull My Heart Away
1:33 First song during the end credits.
1:35 Second song during the end credits.

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