• Megamind Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 30th 2010
  • Composer David Arnold
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Complete List of Songs

0:05 First song when Megamind realizes he was destined to be the bad guy. Continues as he escapes Prison.
A Little Less Conversation
0:10 Metroman shows off for the crowd at his memorial statue unveiling.
Highway To Hell
0:20 After Megamind defeats and kills Metroman and they walk through the streets. Minion plays it on his stereo.
0:21 Plays on Minion's stereo as he tries to stop 'Highway to Stop'
0:23 Megamind and Minion celebrate being the rulers of the Metrocity.
0:42 After Titan is created, Megamind tries to teach him to be a good hero.
Back In Black
0:58 Megamind searches the streets and waits to fight Titan.
Welcome to the Jungle
1:15 During the final fight between Titan and Megamind. Megamind realizes that the hero he created is corrupt.
1:24 Megamind becomes the hero and his statue is revealed. He dances for the crowd to this song and it continues into the end credits.
Alone Again Naturally

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