Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) Soundtrack 

Original Music Teddy Castellucci
Credited Songs 15 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

No Worries Song Available on Rdio Hepcat
First song during opening credits.
Call Me Blondie
0:03 Antoine drives up in his car with a woman. Deuce (Rob Schneider) looks on in awe, as Antoine takes the girl into his house.
Come On, Come On Song Available on Rdio Smash Mouth
0:10 Antoine leaves his house to Deuce. Deuce starts by cleaning the sheets and
We Trying to Stay Alive Song Available on Rdio Wyclef Jean ft. The Refugee All-Stars
0:19 Playing at the bar as Deuce accidentally orders two drinks and takes home a prostitute.
Let's Get It On Marvin Gaye
0:34 Deuce satisfies Tina by giving her a foot massage.
Magnet and Steel Song Available on Rdio Walter Egan
0:42 Deuce drops Kate home after their first date. This song plays as he says goodnight at her front door, he is interrupted by the detective at his car.
Can't Get Enough of You Baby Song Available on Rdio Smash Mouth
0:46 Montage as Deuce starts making money and fixing up Antoine's apartment again. He continues to take his dates out while going out with Kate.
Can't Smile Without You Sean Beal
0:58 Deuce tries to apologize to Kate but she's too upset. Montage after they break up and Deuce finds it hard to make money.
Get Down Tonight Song Available on Rdio KC and The Sunshine Band
1:02 Deuce strips and dances for a client instead of having sex with her.
I'm Not In Love 10CC
1:03 After Kate see's Deuce with a client. She slaps him and Deuce chases after her.
Spybreak! Propellerheads
1:14 After the blind girl blends Antoine's tiger fish. Deuce runs to the aquarium to buy another one before Antoine gets home.
Lift Me Up Song Available on Rdio Jeff Lynne
1:18 Song after Antoine is arrested by the detective. End of the movie as it is revealed what happened to all the characters.
Charge Away Don Great
Connected Stereo MC's
Sukiyaki Steve Griffin

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