• The Fighter Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 16th 2010
  • Composer Kevin Kiner
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Complete List of Songs

How You Like Me Now
0:03 First song as Micky and Dicky walk the streets.
0:10 Dicky arrives at the gym and starts training Micky. Dicky watches on as Micky spars.
Sweet Dreams
0:10 Song playing subtly in the background as Mickey is training in the ring while waiting for Dicky.
0:11 Playing at the bar as Mickey sits with his sisters. He watches the bartender Charlene and goes over to talk to her.
0:14 Second song at the bar as Mickey slaps a guy that disrespects Charlene. He gets her number.
Here I Go Again
0:16 Playing in Mickey's car as he drives over to see his daughter.
Dance Hall Days
0:18 Playing in Dicky's apartment when her mother and the family come looking for him because he's late for the airport. Dicky jumps out the window.
Send Me Your Love
0:19 Micky and Dicky arrive in the city for Micky's fight with Manby.
I Started a Joke
0:37 Dicky starts singing this song in the car with his mum.
Good Times Bad Times
0:45 Dicky tries to Micky his money so he can train full time. Dicky is chased by the cops after they catch him trying to steal cars. Dicky gets arrested by the cops and Micky tries to help out.
Voices Carry
0:54 Micky goes to the coffee shop to grab a coffee. Everyone is murmuring about about him when he sees Mickey O'Keefe and goes over to talk with him.
1:02 Song when Micky starts training again after his hand is broken. He ditches Dicky and his mother and starts strengthening his hand.
Rock 'N Roll Stew
1:10 Micky prepares for his fight against Hernandez as Charlene lies on the bed. They catch the lift down the hotel and run into Hernandez's trainers.
Back in the Saddle
1:11 Montage as Micky starts winning all his fights. Dicky is running laps in the prison yard.
The Warrior's Code (Live)
1:15 Micky walks out and is introduced for the Sanchez match. The commentators show Ward's match record.
1:16 During Alfonso Sanchez's introduction as the commentators show his record.
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
1:37 Dicky makes it right with Charlene and becomes Micky's trainer again. Dicky and Micky start training for his title shot.
Paint The Town Red
1:41 As Neary walks out for the title boxing championship. He is introduced by the commentators.
Glory & Consequence
1:50 First song during the end credits.
Can't Hide Your Love Forever
La Maleta En El Camino

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  • christian242 2 years ago
    What is the song playing after the championship fight is won. Last thing to.play before the credits? When they are in the ring...