• Burlesque Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 23rd 2010
  • Composer Christophe Beck
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Complete List of Songs

First song at the diner when Ali (Christina Aguilera) quits and takes her money from the cash register.
Something's Got a Hold On Me
0:02 Opening credits as Ali packs her bag and takes a bus to L.A.
The Beautiful People
0:05 Ali walks around the city trying to find a job.
Welcome to Burlesque (Instrumental)
0:06 First instrumental song as Ali walks into the Burlesque lounge.
Welcome to Burlesque
0:07 Ali goes to the Burlesque Lounge, Tess (Cher) is singing this song on stage.
0:10 Ali talks to Jack for the first time at the bar.
0:11 Ali walks into the back room to try to talk to Tess about getting a job.
0:12 Ali continues to talk to Tess and Sean about getting a job.
0:14 Ali asks Jack to start waitressing around the Burlesque bar.
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (Swing Cats Mix)
0:15 Ali starts waitressing for free to try to get a job. They perform this on stage as Cher talks to Ali, she tells her not to call her mam again.
0:19 Ali tells Jack that she wants to be up there dancing. Montage as she looks through Burlesque magazines.
Long John Blues
0:20 Nikki (Kristen Bell) sings this song on stage as the others discuss selling the bar inside.
0:30 Tess finds Georgia throwing up in the bathroom as this song plays outside at the Burlesque lounge.
Nasty Naughty Boy
0:32 Ali tries to audition but Tess tells them to turn the music off.
Wagon Wheel Watusi
0:33 Ali auditions for the new role and performs to this song.
Ray of Light
0:36 After Ali gets the Burlesque job. Sean (Stanley Tucci) is giving her outfits to try. Ali starts rehearsing and practising for Burlesque.
New Orleans Bump
0:43 The band plays this live at the Burlesque club before the show opens.
Guy What Takes His Time (Instrumental)
0:45 Playing in the background as Ali fights with Nikki after Tess tells her to go home.
0:46 Ali goes on in Nikki's place, Nikki tries to sabotage Ali by stopping the music.
0:51 Ali talks to Marcus after her amazing singing performance.
But I Am a Good Girl
0:53 Ali sings the first song at the first new official show. She wears her new blonde wig.
Guy What Takes His Time
0:59 Ali performs this song on stage while she wears her outfit made of pearls. Montage as Sean is riding with Ali on his motorbike.
Knock You Down
1:00 Song playing at the party that Marcus and Ali go to. Marcus steals some wine.
1:02 Marcus takes Ali's bag and makes her have dinner with him. They drop in at a party first.
1:05 Ali performs on stage as they all dance in their chairs.
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me
1:14 Tess (Cher) sings this on the stage at night before she goes home. She has to rehearse for tomorrows night's show.
Forever Young
1:22 Song at the wedding as Jack argues with his fiance on the phone.
1:23 The DJ plays this song at the wedding reception. Sean is checking him out.
Danke Schoën
1:23 2nd song at the reception as Tess dances with Sean.
I Melt With You
1:24 3rd song at the wedding reception as Ali goes up to the bar and talks with Jack.
More Than a Feeling
1:25 4th song at the wedding reception. Jack says he loves this song. Jack tells Ali that he broke up with Natalie.
1:29 Ali sings this song after her and Jack sleep together. They lie together as it rains outside. He takes photos of Ali as she puts her stocking on.
Fade Into You
1:39 Ali goes over to Marcus's house. Ali sees Marcus's building proposals to knock down the Burlesque club to rebuild.
Show Me How You Burlesque
1:50 Ali sings the song that Jack finishes and asks her to sing. They sing this song on the 'Burlesque' sign.
Black Bottom Stomp
Jungle Berlin
This song is playing while Alexis is on stage with the contortionists

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