• The Switch Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 31st 2010
  • Composer The Newton Brothers
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Complete List of Songs

Sea Green, See Blue
Kassie and Roland are having coffee on their date. Roland talks about his divorce and Kassie shows him a photo of Sebastian.
Instant Replay
0:10 First song at the party. Debbie (Juliette Lewis) i dancing and goes over to talk to Wally (Jason Bateman).
Freakshow on the Dance Floor
0:11 Second song at the party. Wally comes over and interrupts Kassie (Anniston) as she talks to the married man.
I Can't Wait
0:13 Third song at the party after Wally locks Kassie on the balcony. Wally turns up the music and talks to Declan.
0:15 Wally is at the gym with Leonard (Jeff Goldblum). They're walking on the treadmills.
The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
0:17 First song when Wally walks into the 'I'm Pregnant' Party.
0:18 Second song at the \'I\'m Pregnant\' party. Wally is talking to Debbie.
0:19 Third song at the party. Wally talks to Roland (Patrick Wilson) after dropping guacamole onto himself.
0:20 Wally finds Kassie sitting by the window at the party. He tells her its natural to wanna have a child.
Papa Don't Preach
0:23 Song at the conception party as they make a toast.
Here Comes the Sun
0:24 Song at the conception party as Wally tries to find a bathroom.
Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Short Version)
0:31 Wally narrates after Kassie leaves. He looks out his office window as the seasons change and 7 years go by.
Summer Night
0:32 Background music at Wally's date with Pauline. He turns her off by being brutally honest.
Open Your Heart
0:34 Wally is talking to Kassie on the phone as they discuss their dinner plans. This song is playing at her house while she unpacks.
Sick of Being Love Today
0:42 Song playing in the library as Wally and Kassie walk up the stairs to find Sebastian.
I Walk Alone
1:01 Song in the background at the Sebastians rock climbing party. Wally comes to give him his gift.
More Bad Luck
1:06 At the bar when Wally gets a beer with Roland.
All the Beautiful Things
1:20 After Wally finds out Roland has moved in with Kassie. Montage as he walks to work in the rain and runs on the treadmill.
Numbered Days
1:30 After Wally tells Kassie that he is the father.
Lovers' Carvings
1:36 First song during the end credits.
Party People

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