• Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 9th 2009
  • Composer James Newton Howard
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Complete List of Songs

Emotion In Motion
Movie starts. Rebecca narrates herself as a little girl. And how she loved fashion and clothes from a young age.
0:01 Today's Rebecca Bloomwood is introduced. Rebecca describes how she feels when she sees a store.
0:29 starts as rebecca picks up the cashmere gloves at the sale
0:30 After Rebecca returns from the sale after buying more clothes. She writes an essay/article on stores loyalty cards.
0:37 Rebecca's parents show off the RV they have just purchased.
Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)
0:58 Rebecca tries to unthaw her credit card.
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
1:22 Rebecca spends time with her parents after her TV appearance.
1:28 Song plays when "Girl in the Green Scarf" Sale and Auction flyer goes out. Song also plays on DVD menu.
Don't Forget Me
1:35 Suze gets married.
Stuck With Each Other
1:40 Song plays during the end credits.
1:41 Song plays during the end credits.
The girl who won the interview over Rebecca walks in. Slow motion shot. Rebecca says she has the longest legs in the world./ plays in miami hotel where alicia is waiting for luke as they return from shopping
Batman Theme
Derek Smeath ringtone track (elevator scene)
Colonel Bogey March
Descarga Total
Elizabethan Serenade
Song starts as rebecca is shown at the sale when she is supposed to write an initial outline and e-mail it to luke by 3:00/Final credits
Song plays in the elevator before the ball. Song plays again when Rebecca is forced to give her dresses to the thrift store.
Rebecca Bloomwood's (Isla fisher) ringtone track
Takes Time To Love
starts as rebecca walks away after refusing to have a drink with alicia and luke (in miami) and continues as she is back in NY
Tumbao Cubano (Riff A La Cubana)
You're Breakin' My Heart
Calling You
Rebecca sees a Denny and George store on her way to an interview. She has to buy the green scarf. Plays again after the hot dog stall incident.

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