Hall Pass (2011) Soundtrack 

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Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)    Deer Tick
First song during the Hall Pass opening credits.   
Houston, TX    Deer Tick
0:06 Rick gets home after dropping off the babysitter and runs up the stairs. He has to read a story to his daughter instead of having sex.   
Psychic City    Yacht
0:09 Rick and Fred go to the coffee shop and stare at the waitress. They stare at her ass and Fred takes mental photographs.   
The Best of Times    Styx
0:26 Fred goes out to the car to masturbate at night. The police catch him and laugh at him from the outside.   
Monkberry Moon Delight    1 Paul and Linda McCartney
0:29 Day 1. The guys walk into Applebee's in slow motion.   
Waiting For the Sun    Bill Goodrum
0:30 Playing in Applebee's as they discuss where they should go to find some girls.   
Hits from the Bong    Cypress Hill
0:33 They get high at the golf course. Fred and Rick sit in the gold buggy talking about soap.   
Way That I Creep    Gordon Gano and the Ryans
0:35 At the golf course as they try to outrun the marshall. They drive through town in the golf cart.   
Days Gone By    Susan Sandberg
0:38 The guys sit at dinner and talk about making out and blowing guys.   
Amazing Grace    Stella Bass Band
0:41 Fred goes on his drunken rampage. He gets punched in the face by a big guy.   
Bad Man    Pete Yorn
0:42 Playing at the pool party. Maggie and Grace are flirting with guys.   
Tighten Up    Stella Bass Band
0:42 Fred and Rick go into the dancing bar. Fred brings his bike helmet and they attempt to use pick up lines.   
Drums and Bass    Hallo Kosmo
0:43 Back at the bar where Fred is trying out his pick-up lines.   
Cheapskate    Supergrass
0:44 The girls are playing volleyball on the beach with the guys.   
Just Say Yes    Snow Patrol
0:45 Song playing in the coffee shop as Rick tries to hit on the girl. He embarrasses himself by confusing the song with the movie Snow Dogs.   
Shake It (feat. Lady Saw)    Michael Franti & Spearhead
0:51 The girls are dancing at the house party on the beach.   
When They Fight, They Fight    The Generationals
0:51 Rick sees Leigh outside the gym. They go in together and organise to meet afterwards.   
This Must Be It    Royskopp
0:55 Coakley is back in town and he takes Fred and Rick out to a club with him.   
We Are the People    Empire of the Sun
0:57 Rick goes up to the bar to order some drinks. He runs into his babysitter Paige.   
Everyone Is Guilty    Akron/Family
0:59 The three guys do shots of tequila. Coakly tells Fred there's a girl who's checking him out.   
Telephone    The Black Angels
1:00 During the police car chase as Fred and Rick race to the hospital.   
Walking On a Dream    Empire of the Sun
1:00 Song after Fred goes to hit on the girl. Rick goes out on the dance floor on his own and finds Leigh.   
Run With the Wolves    The Prodigy
1:02 Fred sits between the two girls as they talk about UFO's.   
Zero 2 Hero    Witchman
1:03 Rick is dancing with Leigh to the heavy rock song as they talk about Rick being married.   
Licky (Vandalism Remix)    Larry Tee and Princess Superstar
1:04 Rick and Leigh dance on the bar. Rick takes his shirt off. Coakley tries to convince Fred to take the girl home.   
The Mystery Zone    Spoon
1:06 Playing in Jerry's apartment when Grace goes over to see him. She returns the gift before they start making out.   
The Day After Everything Changed    Ellis Paul
1:07 Fred sits on his bed after sending the girl home. Meg shows up at his door.   
Druganaut    Black Mountain
1:08 At the house party where Leigh and Rick start talking about things they want to try once.   
Happy    Brookville
1:12 Ed is talking with Maggie in the kitchen. She is worried because Fred hasn\'t been sleeping in their bed.   
Overnight Lows    Peter Wolf
1:13 Fred and Meg (Paige's aunt) start flirting on the couch.   
Quiet Little Voices    We Were Promised Jetpacks
1:14 Back at the house party. Rick looks at the wedding photos at Coakley's house.   
Play the Game    Shout Out Louds
1:15 Rick is in the bedroom when Leigh walks in. She takes her top off and offers herself to Rick.   
Shakin' Rock 'n' Roll Tonight    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
1:22 Brent starts shooting at Fred and Rick after ruining their car.   
Always Asking for You    Peter Wolf
1:24 Playing in the police car as they see Fred and Rick drive past with Ed lying on the top.   
Everywhere I Go    Lissie
1:27 Rick drives back to Maggie's house from the hospital. He hears her on the telephone.   
Reflections of My Life    Marmalade
1:30 Fred apologizes to Grace at the end of the movie.   
Spend the Night    1 Deer Tick
1:33 Second song during the end credits.   
Christ Jesus    1 Deer Tick
Heaven's Wherever You Are    Ellis Paul
The Cotton's Burning    Ellis Paul
Nothing Left to Take    Ellis Paul
Monster Riff 1    Ellis Paul
Annalee    Ellis Paul
Waking Up to Me    Ellis Paul
She's Married    Bill Cunliffe
Break of Day    Michael Haggins
Card Sting    Mike Post
Jam    1 Stella Bass Band
Song of the Sand    Bill Leyden
The Lights of Vegas    Ellis Paul
No Satisfaction    Black Mountain
Oceans Apart    The Bogmen

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