Just Go With It (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rupert Gregson-Williams
Credited Songs 44 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Is This Love    Bob Marley and The Wailers
Played over the top of 'Tainted Love' as Palmer walks out of the water.   
So Lonely    The Police
0:02 Danny (Adam Sandler) sits at the bar at the start of the movie and lies about being married.   
Blue Glass    Peter McEvilley
Fire Burning    Sean Kingston
0:08 Playing at the house party. Danny brings his cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) and they talk to a man with no feeling in his face.   
Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)    B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars
0:10 Palmer walks up and thanks Danny after he fixes up her son.   
Cooler Than Me    Mike Posner
0:11 At the party. Danny (Adam Sandler) is talking to Palmer outside. He is showing her what people he performed operations on.   
Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)    Rihanna
0:23 Danny and Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) go shopping together for her makeover.   
Roxanne    The Police
0:25 Song when Katherine (Aniston) walks in to the restaurant in her new outfit.   
Driven to Tears    The Police
0:38 Danny and his new fake family walk into the kid place, JD McFunnigans to show off his new fake children.   
Hawaii    The Beach Boys
0:46 They take the plane and arrive in Hawaii.   
Tainted Love    Soft Cell
0:47 They go to the beach and stare as Palmer walks out of the water in slow motion.   
Piano Man    Billy Joel
0:49 Eddie (Nick Swardson) sings a modified version of this song to Danny.   
Canary In a Coalmine    The Police
0:56 They all go trekking in the jungle and canoe through the rivers.   
Beggin'    Madcon
1:00 Song as Katherine (Aniston) takes off her clothes and jumps in the water. The guys admire from the side.   
Love Is the Seventh Wave    Sting
1:10 They teach Michael to swim and he makes it all the way to Eddie.   
Bye Bye Bye    *NSYNC
1:14 Palmer is listening to this song in the shower when Danny comes in.   
He'eia    HAPA
1:15 Katherine and Danny go out to dinner with Devlin (Nicole Kidman)   
Duppy Can't Frighten Me    Peas ft. Daddy Roots
1:17 Eddie takes Palmer out to dinner.   
O Fortuna (From "Carmina Burana")    Carl Orff
1:18 Ian's ringtone at the dinner table. Danny makes fun of it.   
The Dancefloor    Ekolu
1:19 Eddie is eating dinner with Palmer when someone comes in about her dying sheep.   
Lovely Hula Hands    HAPA and Ledward Kaapana
1:25 During the Hula competition.   
Lovelier Than You    B.o.B.
1:34 Danny leaves Katherine at her door after nearly kissing. He realizes she wont be sleeping and rushes back.   
Chasing Cars    Snow Patrol
1:37 Montage after Danny and Palmer announce they're getting married.   
Every Breath You Take    The Police
1:37 Mixed with 'Chasing Cars'. Montage after Danny and Palmer announce they're getting married.   
You Still Touch Me    Sting
1:43 Katherine is drinking at a hut on the beach when she confesses everything to Devlin.   
Waiting In Vain    Annie Lennox
1:44 Devlin tells Katherine she's breaking up with Ian.   
It Must Be Love    Chuck and the Jam Band
1:48 Song at the dance at the end of the movie. The band plays this live as Katherine and Danny dance.   
Next to You    The Police
1:49 First song during end credits.   
Can't Catch My Breath    Peter McEvilley
Tenderness    General Public
When You've Had Enough    Ron Ermini and Friends
You Should Be Dancing    The Bee Gees
Incomplete Without You    The After After Hours
Wally's Waltz    Geoff Spencer
Le O Le Tapalau Mo Le Siva Afi    Tihati Productions, Ltd.
Bibi Na Se Ni Do/Tevovo Tevovo    Tihati Productions, Ltd.
My Sweetheart (feat. Bob Brozman)    Ledward Kaapana
Can't Stand Losing You    The Police
Fishing for Love    The Hawaiian Beach Band
Stars In the Morning Sky    HAPA
Aloha Ia O Waianae    Ledward Kaapana
Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi    Herb Ohta, Jr.
Angel    Jake Shimabukuro

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