• Just Go With It Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 10th 2011
  • Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams
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Complete List of Songs

Played over the top of 'Tainted Love' as Palmer walks out of the water.
0:02 Danny (Adam Sandler) sits at the bar at the start of the movie and lies about being married.
0:08 Playing at the house party. Danny brings his cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) and they talk to a man with no feeling in his face.
Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)
0:10 Palmer walks up and thanks Danny after he fixes up her son.
Cooler Than Me
0:11 At the party. Danny (Adam Sandler) is talking to Palmer outside. He is showing her what people he performed operations on.
Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)
0:23 Danny and Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) go shopping together for her makeover.
0:25 Song when Katherine (Aniston) walks in to the restaurant in her new outfit.
Driven to Tears
0:38 Danny and his new fake family walk into the kid place, JD McFunnigans to show off his new fake children.
0:46 They take the plane and arrive in Hawaii.
Tainted Love
0:47 They go to the beach and stare as Palmer walks out of the water in slow motion.
0:49 Eddie (Nick Swardson) sings a modified version of this song to Danny.
Canary In a Coalmine
0:56 They all go trekking in the jungle and canoe through the rivers.
1:00 Song as Katherine (Aniston) takes off her clothes and jumps in the water. The guys admire from the side.
Love Is the Seventh Wave
1:10 They teach Michael to swim and he makes it all the way to Eddie.
Bye Bye Bye
1:14 Palmer is listening to this song in the shower when Danny comes in.
1:15 Katherine and Danny go out to dinner with Devlin (Nicole Kidman)
Duppy Can't Frighten Me
1:17 Eddie takes Palmer out to dinner.
O Fortuna (From "Carmina Burana")
1:18 Ian's ringtone at the dinner table. Danny makes fun of it.
The Dancefloor
1:19 Eddie is eating dinner with Palmer when someone comes in about her dying sheep.
1:25 During the Hula competition.
Lovelier Than You
1:34 Danny leaves Katherine at her door after nearly kissing. He realizes she wont be sleeping and rushes back.
Chasing Cars
1:37 Montage after Danny and Palmer announce they're getting married.
Every Breath You Take
1:37 Mixed with 'Chasing Cars'. Montage after Danny and Palmer announce they're getting married.
You Still Touch Me
1:43 Katherine is drinking at a hut on the beach when she confesses everything to Devlin.
Waiting In Vain
1:44 Devlin tells Katherine she's breaking up with Ian.
1:48 Song at the dance at the end of the movie. The band plays this live as Katherine and Danny dance.
Next to You
1:49 First song during end credits.
Can't Catch My Breath
When You've Had Enough
You Should Be Dancing
Incomplete Without You
Wally's Waltz
Le O Le Tapalau Mo Le Siva Afi
Bibi Na Se Ni Do/Tevovo Tevovo
My Sweetheart (feat. Bob Brozman)
Can't Stand Losing You
Stars In the Morning Sky
Aloha Ia O Waianae
Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi

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