Beastly (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Marc Shaiman
Official Soundtrack 13 Songs
Credited Songs 17 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Vanity    Lady GaGa
First song as Kyle works out in the morning.   
Mayan Drumming    Johnny C and the Mayans
0:07 Kyle has his election green dance. He brings the wrong flower and his date gets angry.   
On the Radio    Regina Spektor
0:09 Kyle puts the white rose flower on Lindy as they pose for a photograph.   
Wonderland    Natalia Kills
0:11 Kendra puts a curse on Kyle. Continues to play on the dance floor as Kyle starts to feel weird.   
Garden of Exile    Toby Martin
0:17 After Kyles ugly transformation. His father puts him in a new house. Montage as he lives there on his own and becomes lonely.   
Get Free    The Vines
0:21 Kyle takes his motorbike and leaves his house finally.   
Boys and Girls    Pixie Lott
0:22 Kyle pulls up at the dress-up party on his motorbike.   
Crashing    Gersey
0:24 Second song at the dress-up party. Lindy comes up and talks to Kyle. She doesn't realize she's talking to Kyle.   
Transatlanticism    Death Cab for Cutie
0:31 Kyle deletes his myspace account and walks the streets following Lindy.   
Today Is the Day    Tim Myers
0:50 After Kyle shows Lindy his face. He studies all night to try to impress Lindy the next day.   
The Long Goodbye    Army Navy
0:56 Playing in Lindy's room when Kyle brings back some CD's. He notices a picture of his old self on her computer.   
Breathe In Breathe Out    Mat Kearney
0:59 Kyle takes Lindy out at night to the zoo.   
Forever and a Day    Jem
1:03 Kyle and Lindy watch as the sun comes up.   
Heaven    Fire Theft
1:12 Kyle reads out his letter after Lindy leaves on the train. She tries to call him but he wont answer her calls.   
Broken Arrow    Pixie Lott
1:21 First song during end credits.   
All Day and All of the Night    Vanessa Hudgens
The song Vanessa was singing during the "transatlanticism" scene (Kyle was following her when she bought Jujyfruits)   


1 On the Radio Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Regina Spektor
2 Vanity Lady GaGa
3 Garden of Exile Toby Martin
4 Get Free Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Vines
5 Boys and Girls (feat. Jessie Mann) Raney Shockne
6 Crashing Gersey
7 Transatlanticism Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Death Cab for Cutie
8 Today Is the Day Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Tim Myers
9 The Long Goodbye Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Army Navy
10 Breathe In, Breathe Out Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Mat Kearney
11 Heaven Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Fire Theft
12 Broken Arrow (feat. Jessie Mann) Raney Shockne
13 Be Mine Kristina & The Dolls
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