• Fast Five Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 28th 2011
  • Composer Brian Tyler
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Complete List of Songs

Follow Me Follow Me (Quem Que Caguetou?)
1:02 Dom and Brian try to win a fast car so they can access the safe.
1:05 They test out the faster Nissan Z on the test course.
L. Gelada-3 Da Madrugada
1:07 Shots of the ocean, Giselle and Han are on the beach as try to obtain the hand print.
Desabafo / Deixa Eu Dizer
1:09 Giselle walks up to Hernan Reye in her bikinis to obtain his hand print.
Han Drifting
1:18 Han is drifting around the test course but still gets caught by the cameras.
Million Dollar Race
1:20 They all drag race in their newly stolen cop cars for one million dollars.
1:23 BBQ back at the garage.
1:55 They open the safe with the money. Montage as they all spend their money.
Industrial Revolution (OA)
Reppin' My City
Furiously Dangerous (feat. Slaughterhouse & Claret Jai)

Official Soundtrack

Fast Five Official Soundtrack
Fast Five Official Soundtrack

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