• Rio Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 7th 2011
  • Composer John Powell
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Complete List of Songs

First song as the birds sing through the forrest.
First song "Forro De Fruta"
First song
Balanco Carioca
0:01 First sing this song at the midnight hour.
Whoomp! (There It Is)
0:03 Song at the start in the truck as the driver nearly crashes.
Telling the World
0:03 First song played end credits.
Take You to Rio
0:03 Second song played end credits.
0:04 End credits.
0:11 Linda takes Blu to Rio. Shots of Rio de Janeiro as they drive through the streets.
Say You, Say Me
0:17 Blu and Jewel first meet. The disco ball comes down to set the mood after Jewel turns Blu down.
0:18 On the radio as the fat security guard dances and strips in spirit of the festival. He hears a noise and inspects it.
Copacabana Dreams
0:20 Linda and Tulio are on their date at the restaurant.
0:28 Nigel walks into the cage room and starts singing this song about how he used to be pretty.
0:40 Rafael sings this song to Eva as he reminisces back to the first time they met at the carnival.
0:41 The monkeys steal all the people's belongings and celebrate with a dance.
0:46 Song as Blu and Jewel fly on the back of a hang glider over the top of Rio.
0:51 Pedro (will.i.am) and Nico (Jamie Foxx) sing this at the party. Blu starts dancing.

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