• Bad Teacher Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 24th 2011
  • Composer Tom Rowlands
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Complete List of Songs

Teacher Teacher
First song during the opening credits.
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
0:04 Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) drives crazily out of the school parking lot at in her sports car.
Stand And Deliver (Main Title)
0:11 The theme music of the movie Elizabeth plays to her class.
Still of the Night
0:20 Seventh grade carwash as Elizabeth.
Gangsta's Paradise
0:27 Montage as Elizabeth starts ripping off the school to get money after her parent-teacher talks.
Rainbow In the Dark
0:28 Elizabeth is smoking pot in her car when a student catches her.
867-5309 / Jenny
0:30 Song at the winter dance. Russell asks Elizabeth if she wants to get high.
I Can't Get Enough
0:32 Back at the winter dance. Russell (Jason Segel) is arguing with a kid about basketball and Michael Jordan.
Everything You Need
0:34 Russell and Elizabeth are smoking weed in the gynasium as they lie on the mats.
0:36 Elizabeth is at the shops trying buy a lighter on Christmas day. A student's parent drives up and asks her to join them at dinner. This song is playing in their car.
0:40 The teacher's band are playing at the bar.
0:42 Scott sings his original song on stage.
Swing Easy
0:51 Elizabeth meets with the test administrator.
Nothing from Nothing
0:53 Elizabeth is getting drunk at the restaurant with the test administrator.
54-46 That's My Number
0:54 Elizabeth spikes the test administrators drink in his office.
0:55 Playing in the test admin's office right before he passes out and Elizabeth steals the test papers.
1:14 Elizabeth's roommate crashes his scooter into the test administrator's car and proceeds to try to scare him.
1:24 First song during end credits.
Chicago Beatdown

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