• The Hangover Part II Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 25th 2011
  • Composer Christophe Beck
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Complete List of Songs

Bad Man's World
First song.
Black Hell
0:02 Phil tells Lauren that it happened again over the phone. Plays during opening credits.
0:11 After the gang invites Alan to Thailand. They walk through the airport.
The Downeaster 'Alexa'
0:14 Alan throws Teddy's neck pillow away. Song continues on the plane to Thailand.
0:23 The wolf pack toast on the beach before their big night.
The Beast In Me
0:24 They wake up in a random hotel the next morning.
0:47 Alan has his flashback of the night at the Thai Monastary.
Sofi Needs a Ladder
0:48 Alan takes them to the dance club after he has his flashback. The owner hands them a gun and Alan sets it off accidently.
1:02 Stu sings this song as they ride on the boat.
1:06 They go and try to steal the smoking drug pusher monkey.
Time In a Bottle
1:12 Chow sings this in the elevator ride up to see Kingsley.
1:22 They ride the speedboat back to the wedding.
1:29 They light the floating lanterns after the wedding and watch them lift into the sky. Continues as the live band play this song.
One Night In Bangkok
1:31 Mike Tyson sings this song live after the wedding.
Turn Around
1:33 First song during end credits.

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