• Arthur Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 8th 2011
  • Composer Alex Wurman
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Complete List of Songs

A Harmless Game of Dress Up
First song as Arthur gets dressed in his batman costume.
0:19 Arthur meets Naomi and the police start chasing her for operating an illegal tour.
Chapel of Love
0:33 After Arthur proposes to Susan (Jennifer Garner) and the restaurant claps.
0:51 As Susan tries to seduce Arthur in his room.
Start At the Bottom
1:02 Arthur pays someone to let him wear the costume at work.
Where Our Destination Lies
1:11 Montage after Arthur tells Naomi that he's engaged.
I've Been Horribly Emasculated
1:16 Russell sings to the girls as Susan opens her engagement presents.
When the Sun Goes Down On Your Street
1:25 Arthur looks after Hobson after she gets sick.
1:27 Arthur talks to Hobson before she goes to sleep. He sleeps next to her and wakes up to find that she has passed away.
1:29 After Hobson dies Arthur throws a party and spends the night in the bath.
1:40 After Arthur runs over to Naomis house after the wedding and she turns him down.
A Little Bit Better
1:46 End of the movie as Arthur and Naomi drive away in the bat mobile. First song in the end credits.
Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
1:47 Second song during end credits.
We Go Hard

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