Prom (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Deborah Lurie
Credited Songs 29 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

I'll Be Yours    Those Dancing Days
First song during opening credits.   
Can't Keep My Hands Off of You    Simple Plan
0:08 Song on the school oval. They are all organising the prom props.   
Almost There (feat. Lauren Hillman)    Opus Orange & Lauren Hillman
0:11 Justin takes Mei into the theatre to ask her to prom. He spells out the letters PROM on stage. Continues as many students ask the girls out to prom.   
100/0 (Snowdays Forever)    A Sunny Day in Glasgow
0:16 Tyler asks Jordan to prom by taking her into the romantically lit shed for dinner. The shed catches on fire and burns down.   
Fill In The Blank    Attack Rabbit!
0:23 Lloyd attempts to ask a girl out by putting a poster on her locker. She is scared off by it.   
Heart In Your Heartbreak    The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
0:24 Nova waits for Jesse as they work on the prom decorations together. Nova puts Jesse to work.   
Time Stand    Moon
0:32 Jesse arrives for prom duties. Nova is cleaning the fountain and Jesse tells her that its going to leak.   
Secret Crush    Rachel McClusky
0:34 Jen's car drives under the bridge after Lloyd tries to ask her to prom by hanging a sign from the bridge. This song is playing in her car.   
1983    Neon Trees
0:36 Corey drops them to the Varsity BBQ.   
Can't Find Entrance    Those Dancing Days
0:38 Song in Nova's car as she drives around with Jesse.   
Party    Keili Leftkovitz
0:39 Back at the BBQ as Lucas and Simone sit. Simone says she hates this song.   
In Deep    Shere
0:46 Lucas waits for Simone in the library as they are meant to study together.   
Young Blood    The Naked and Famous
0:49 Nova goes for a ride on Jesse's motorbike so they can go and look at the other school's prom stuff.   
Come On, Let's Go    Girl in a Coma
0:51 Jesse and Nova run out of the school at night after security finds them.   
Slow Burning Crimes    East Hundred
0:57 Jordan takes down all of Tyler's photos from her mirror.   
Prettiest Thing    Oh Darling
0:59 Nova takes Jesse dress shopping.   
Please Speak Well of Me    The Weepies
1:04 Tyler asks Simone to prom by leaving a letter at her door.   
Weekend    Smith Westerns
1:06 Nova tells her girlfriends that Jesse is going to ask her to prom. This song is playing in her room. Her dad listens from the door.   
Too Late    M83
1:16 After Mei tells Justin that she got accepted into Parsons design school. Jesse gets into a fight outside his mom's restaurant.   
Impossible    Shout Out Louds
1:18 Montage as prom day comes. Everyone is getting ready and dressing up.   
Break Your Heart    Taio Cruz & Ludacris
1:23 First song playing at the prom. Brandon arrives for Nova, but Nova leaves him.   
Firework    Katy Perry
1:26 Second song that plays at the prom.   
Not Your Birthday    Allstar Weekend
1:27 Third song at the prom. The DJ starts playing this song. Simone finds out that Jordan broke up with Tyler.   
Your Surrender    Neon Trees
1:30 Tyler gets turned down by both of his girls at the prom. Rolo rocks up with his gorgeous date.   
Dreams    Passion Pit
1:31 Simone waits for Lucas after the band gig.   
No One's Gonna Love You    Band of Horses
1:33 Jesse shows up at the prom and dances with Nova. Simone and Lucas dance outside.   
We'll Be Alright    Travie McCoy
1:35 First song during end credits.   
We Could Be Anything    Nolan Sotillo
1:37 Second song during end credits.   
Stick Hippo    Stick Hippo

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