• Fright Night Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 18th 2011
  • Composer Ramin Djawadi
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Complete List of Songs

Bad Bad Love
0:03 First song during opening credits.
Pumped Up Kicks
0:06 Song playing in Amy's car when she comes to pick up Charley for school.
Velvet Coat
0:11 Charley and Amy walk over to meet Jerry for the first time. Jane introduces them all.
0:30 Playing in Charley's room as Amy lies on the bed. They start making out. Charley sees Jerry look up at him.
0:46 Charley goes to find Peter Vincent. This song is playing during his rehearsal for his show.
Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) [feat. MGMT and Ratatat]
0:48 Song playing in Peter Vincent's office as Charley interviews him.
Letting Go (feat. Sarah Green)
1:04 Peter Vincent is sitting in his apartment in Las Vegas. His girlfriend tells him he was early again.
I Was Once a Glass of Tang
1:16 Amy and Charley run through a club as they try to escape from Jerry. They lose each other.
1:17 Second song that plays in the club as Jerry finds Amy. Jerry makes out with her, and then bites her on the neck as Charley is dragged out by the bouncer.
1:36 Song back at Peter Vincent's apartment in LA. Charley is making out with Amy.
99 Problems
1:38 End of the movie. First song in end credits.
No One Believes Me
1:41 Second song during end credits.

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