• Death Proof Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 18th 2007
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

The Last Race
0:01 movie opens, car is driving very fast through the country side, the girls arrive at Julia's house
Baby It's You
0:14 opens on the Jungle Julia billboard, as two girls enter the bar and Julia is shaking her hair to the music
0:16 Julia takes a phone call outside the bar because of the music
Sally and Jack
0:17 Julia sends a txt message to someone called Chris
Paranoia Prima
0:20 As Arlene is sitting out in the parking lot she notices the black car with the skull on the hood
0:22 This record plays as Stuntman Mike eats at the bar
Good Love, Bad Love
0:27 Warren pours six shots of 'Wild Turkey'
The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
Down in Mexico
0:38 Stuntman Mike receives his lap dance from Arlene.
0:49 Plays in the car while the girls are driving. Julia has her leg hanging outside the car, foolishly
It\'s So Easy
0:55 Stuntman Mike pulls up outside some shops and lights a cigarette, he watches some girls in another car pull up beside him
1:01 Song as Stuntman Mike speeds out of the parking lot as the girls watch.
Unexpected Violence (Violenza in attesa)
1:05 Stuntman Mike is taking photos of the girls from a distance.
Riot In Thunder Alley
1:32 Zoe is riding on the hood of the car. Stuntman Mike spots them.
1:42 They run into the back of Stuntman Mike, Zoe runs up to the car and starts beating him with a pole.
Chick Habit
1:49 End credits begin.
Laisse Tomber Les Filles
1:51 Played in end credits after 'Chick Habit'. Same song as 'Chick Habit' but played in another language
Italia a mano armata
La polizia sta a guardare

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