• Abduction Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 22nd 2011
  • Composer Edward Shearmur
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Complete List of Songs

Come On Get It
First song as Nathan (Taylor Lautner) rides on the hood of the car to school.
0:01 At the start of the movie. Nathan is talking with his friends by the pool.
0:02 First song playing at the pool party at the start of the movie.
Novocaine Lips
0:03 Second song that plays at the pool party at the start of the movie.
Slave to Love
0:09 Nathan's mum and her boyfriend are dancing together outside to this song.
0:12 Nathan leaves his therapist and rides to school on his motorbike.
The Witness
0:13 During the wrestling match when Nathan defeats his opponent.
The Chorus
0:15 Karen rips up the photo of her ex-boyfriend hanging on her ceiling.
0:16 Nathan quickly gets changed and waits for Karen to walk into his room.
Blame It On the Boom Boom
0:16 Nathan is playing video games in his room before Karen arrives at his house.
Loving You Tonight
0:18 Andrew and Karen are studying together and looking at the missing persons website for their assignment.
0:23 Nathan goes over to Karen's house and shows him the photo and the t-shirt stain.
To Be Loved
1:37 First song during end credits.
Abduction Suite

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