• Colombiana Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 25th 2011
  • Composer Nathaniel Méchaly
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Complete List of Songs

0:02 First song as it the movie opens on the mansion.
Un Bel Di, Vedremo (From "Madame Butterfly")
0:41 Back at Marco's mansion.
0:44 Cataleya arrives home after her mission. She puts this song on and has a shower.
0:47 Cataleya waits for Danny to get home, she jumps up and they start making out.
0:48 Song at the laundromat as Emilio arrives on his motorbike to meet Cataleya.
0:54 Back at the Mansion as the girl lies on top of the shark tank.
1:40 End of the movie. First song during end credits.
Beat Me Till I'm Blue

Official Soundtrack

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