Definitely, Maybe (2008) Soundtrack 

Original Music Clint Mansell
Official Soundtrack 18 Songs
Credited Songs 26 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Bitch Face Imran Hanif
0:01 Will says he has the perfect song, plays this one by accident   
Everyday People Sly and The Family Stone
0:01 Will plays this song, calling it the perfect song for the day. The opening credits begin.   
Stand Song Available on Rdio R.E.M.
0:08 When Will begins to tell his story. It's New Years Eve and he is with Emily   
Yoshima Battles The Pink Robots (Part 1) The Flaming Lips
0:16 Playing at the bar.   
People Everyday Song Available on Rdio Arrested Development
0:17 Wills friends are playing pool at the bar while Will is on the phone.   
Mannish Boy Muddy Waters
0:21 Playing in Hamptons apartment   
Cleo's Mood Song Available on Rdio Jr. Walker and The All Stars
0:22 When she wakes Will up and asks him if he wants Aspirin   
Unbelievable Song Available on Rdio E.M.F.
0:26 Will is drinking at the bar.   
Safe From Harm Song Available on Rdio Massive Attack
Come As You Are Song Available on Rdio Nirvana
0:38 When April is telling Will about why she collects copies of 'Jane Eyre'   
Cigarettes and Coffee Song Available on Rdio Otis Redding
0:38 Will and April are lying on the couch talking about what they wanna be, Will leaves after they kiss   
Don't Stop Song Available on Rdio Fleetwood Mac
0:45 They find out Bill Clinton won the election   
Save The Best For Last Song Available on Rdio Vanessa Williams
0:45 After Clinton wins, the campaigners are having a party in the office   
Connected Stereo MCs
0:48 Will is talking about the internet and cell phones in Manhattan   
I've Got A Crush On You Rachel Weisz
0:54 Summer sings to Will in the street   
Ain't goin' to goa Song Available on Rdio a3
1:11 April goes to get Will and take him to his birthday party   
Even After All Song Available on Rdio Finley Quaye
1:12 At Wills party when there all talking about politics   
Shallow Grave Theme Simon Boswell
1:38 Maya and Will go to win April back   
Time of Times Badly Drawn Boy
1:42 April jumps on Will and kisses him   
Definitely, Maybe Suite Clint Mansell
1:43 Plays during end credits, and at different times throughout movie.   
All Hail to the Chief Derek Watkins
The Life of Riley The Lightning Seeds
In Spite of Me Song Available on Rdio Morphine
The Boy With the Arab Strap Song Available on Rdio Belle and Sebastian
Summer Wind Madeleine Peyroux
Pendulum Man Song Available on Rdio Bark Psychosis


1 Will Hayes for President! Clint Mansell
2 Here Comes Summer Clint Mansell
3 For Emily (Whoever She May Be...) Clint Mansell
4 April (Come She Will) Clint Mansell
5 Jane Eyre Clint Mansell
6 Panic Stations... Clint Mansell
7 An Evening At the Odeon Clint Mansell
8 Sunday, Sunday... Clint Mansell
9 Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man... Clint Mansell
10 It's April Clint Mansell
11 Summer's Over Clint Mansell
12 The Candidate Clint Mansell
13 Second Thoughts Clint Mansell
14 Maya Knows... Clint Mansell
15 The Happy Ending Is You Clint Mansell
16 Brooklyn Bridge Clint Mansell
17 Countdown Clint Mansell
18 April's Story Clint Mansell
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