Faces in the Crowd [2011] Soundtrack

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Faces in the Crowd Poster - Songs and Soundtrack
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A Funky Way of Things

George Acogny & Wolfgang Aichholz

First song at the bar as the girls check out guys.


Grooving at the Stomping Yard

Traci Amos & Terra Naomi

1000 Faces

Terra Naomi

Shala La La, La

Traci Amos & Terra Naomi

2000 Faces

George Acogny & Nils Jitpner

I Love U I Touch U

George Acogny & Jean Charles Levy

Never Going Home

R. Taylor & W. Graney

Sitting On the Bridge of the Bay

Kathy Benharoush

Face the Suite

Christopher Young

Tech at the Dance Hall

George Acogny & Wolfgang Aichholz

The Mirror

George Acogny

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