Warrior (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Mark Isham
Official Soundtrack 12 Songs
Credited Songs 24 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Start a War    The National
First song during opening credits.   
Take Time in Life    Eilen Edson
0:08 Song at the children's birthday party.   
On My Side    Z-Trip featuring Lateef & Slug
0:10 At the gym as Tommy enters for the first time. The man at the counter is watching ESPN on his laptop.   
This is Me    Rock from Heltah Skeltah
0:14 Tommy first fight at the gym. He says he'll fight him and keep his boy warm for him.   
Smackzone    Smaxone
0:21 Brandon fights to earn some extra money. In the strip clubs parking lot.   
Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral": 2nd Movement    Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia and Chorus
0:41 Song at Frank's gym as his fighter trains to Beethoven.   
The Sun and Earth    Middle Distance Runner
1:03 Song during the opening day of Sparta tournament.   
Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125, Choral: Finale (Ode to Joy)    Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia and Chorus
1:22 Brendan walks out for his first Sparta fight.   
The Halls of Montezuma    Traditional
1:41 The marines chant this song for Tommy as he comes out to fight Mad Dog Grimes   
Everything    Lords of Ruin
1:42 Mad Dog Grimes pump up music as he comes out to fight Tommy (Hardy).   
Fastidious Horses    Vladamir Vissotsky
1:45 Song as Koba walks out to fight Brendan.   
About Today    2 The National
2:07 During the final round of the fight between Tommy and Brendan. Continues as movie ends and they walk out of the arena together.   
You Know I Like That    ABI RYAN
Sweat    Sarah Leichtenberg
Lido Shuffle    Boz Scaggs
Partita for Violin Solo No. 2 in D Minor, BMV 1004    Sequira Costa
Roses From The South Waltz Op 388    Johann Strauss
The August Waltz    Andy Vale
Drum and Stilt Walking Creation    Jamal P. Dickerson, Nasir P. Dickerson, Kysame Watson and Niseeach Branch
This is War    Tyler Parkinson & Ethan Embry
Fright Night    M.O.P.
Everyday    The Fonzarellies
I Got Everything I Need    The Chelsea Smiles
Get Up!    2 Clicks Down


1 Listen to the Beethoven Mark Isham
2 Paddy & Tommy Mark Isham
3 Sparta - Night One Mark Isham
4 I Can't Watch You Fight Mark Isham
5 Koba 2 Mark Isham
6 Hero Mark Isham
7 Brendan & Tess Mark Isham
8 The Devil You Know Mark Isham
9 Stop the Ship (Relapse) Mark Isham
10 Warrior Mark Isham
11 Brendan & Tommy Mark Isham
12 About Today Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 2 The National
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