• 50/50 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 29th 2011
  • Composer Michael Giacchino
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Complete List of Songs

Brick or Coconuts
First song as Adam (Gordon-Levitt) runs through the city.
Midnight Blue
0:05 At the coffee shop.
High and Dry
0:10 Adam finds out he has cancer.
0:20 Adam does some relaxation exercies for his therapy with Katherine.
New Country
0:24 Rachel drops Adam to the hospital. His first dose of chemotherapy.
To Love Somebody
0:27 Adam gets high off cookies with pot in them at the hospital during his chemotherapy. He wanders round the hospital.
0:32 Adam shaves all of his hair off.
Downtown Blues
0:37 Adam is sitting on his couch at home when his mom calls.
0:38 Song at the art gallery party. Kyle catches Rachael with another guy.
Stay the Same
0:46 Second song in the club.
0:46 Song at the diner after they pick up girls from the club.
Too Late For Dancing
0:49 Adam is having sex with the girl from the diner.
Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light In Your Eyes)
0:54 Song on the radio in the car when Katherine drops Adam home.
Angel (RAC Remix)
0:55 Song at the club as Adam tries to tell girls he has cancer.
1:00 They set fire to her painting in the background.
The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
1:26 Adam gets his Anethesia, his mom says goodbye and he is taken to surgery.
Yellow Ledbetter
1:35 Last song when Katherine comes over to Adam's house. Plays into end credits.

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