• 30 Minutes or Less Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 11th 2011
  • Composer Eric D. Johnson
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Complete List of Songs

Tick Tick Boom
First song during opening credits. Nick is racing to deliver a pizza.
0:03 Nick (Eisenberg) takes the boys money and tells them he is going to buy them beers.
0:05 Chet (Aziz Ansari) is getting a blow job in the car as Nick watches from the street.
Where I'm Going
0:08 Nick walks into the florist store to meet Kate.
0:09 Nick and Kate have dinner together. They talk about Tom coming out.
Ignition Remix
0:10 Dwayne and Travis are at the strip club. Dwayne is getting a lap dance while talking about his dad's inheritance.
Is There Any Love (feat. Wale)
0:20 Nick races to deliver the kidnappers pizza.
No Hay Manera
0:29 Chango (Michael Pena), the hired killer, drives up in his car and meets the stripper.
0:33 Dwayne and Travis are listening to his Travis's mix tape. Dwayne pulls it out and gets mad at him.
0:44 When Nick walks into the pizza shop and quits.
The Heat Is On
0:50 Car chase after they rob the bank.
El Querreque
0:54 Travis and Dwayne sit in the diner eating tacos as they wait for their money to arrive.
0:56 Chango the killer arrives to grab the money.
Got Your Money (feat. Kelis)
1:18 First song during end credits.
Luna Mezz 'O Mare
Private Affair
Hard Hitter Reggaeton JP
Marines Hymn
Me So Horny

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