• The Departed Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 6th 2006
  • Composer Howard Shore
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Complete List of Songs

0:06 Played by the bagpipes at the police graduation ceremony
0:06 Played by the bagpipes at the police graduation ceremony
Thief's Theme
0:21 Billy and his cousin Sean start making deals and driving around the streets. They pass a police car.
0:22 Mr. French has words with Billy after he smashes his glass over someone's head at the bar. He orders him a cranberry juice.
0:28 Billy beats up the two guys in the shop after they continue to ask to shop owner for protection money and insult the Irish.
0:32 Frank sits with Billy at the bar. They talk about Mr. French before Billy is taken into the back room and searched. Frank beats his hurt arm with a shoe.
Sweet Dreams (Of You)
0:37 Song as Frank and Mr. French talk about trusting Billy.
Well Well Well
0:38 Sullivan inspects two dead bodies. He calls Madolyn and then switches sim cards and call Frank. Frank talks about John Lennon and shows Billy the severed hand.
Bang Bang
0:42 Mr. French interrogates a guy, Billy knocks out Jimmy Banks. Billy explains his actions back in the car with Frank.
Sail On, Sailor
0:46 Frank approaches the priests, he leaves them a note and leaves.
1:15 Billy smashes a picture over some guys head to get information about the FBI. He shoots him in the knee and gets the information.
Lucia di Lammermoor: Act 1: Preludio - Percorrete le spiaggie vicine
1:17 Frank is at the opera with his girls. He later throws cocaine around the room for his girls.
1:18 Billy starts filling out his forms and correctly spells 'Citizen'. He goes around to Madolyns house after. They start kissing and have sex.
1:40 Billy is in the bar, Frank comes up covered in blood and tells him to take the night off. They call him a cop as he walks out.
Theme from Symphony No. 9 in E Minor
2:20 Bagpipes play at Billy Costigans funeral. Sullivan recommends Costigan for the medal of merit.
First song. Movie opens with Frank narrating. He takes money from a cafe owner and gives to Johnny Sullivans kid. AND playing in Sullivans apartment with Madolyn.
I'm Shipping Up To Boston
Title screen appears. Billy is in prison talking about his cousin. Sullivan is on the balcony of his new apartment. 1:58 Billy, Frank and French are driving in the car. Sullivan tells them they have a tail, and Frank tells him to get rid of it.
Sancta Maria (from the Informer [1935])
Chi mi frena (Sextet, Act 2)
Mother Machree
Sweet Dreams

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Billy Costigan and Colin Sullivan are best friends and graduate officers of the Massachusetts State Police Academy. They however part ways and Billy is tasked to go undercover and gather enough evidence to incriminate Frank Costello, an Irish mobster. Colin works up the ranks and is promoted within his department. However, he is an informer who rats out police information to Costello. Bad things start to happen when Billy starts working on the case and comes closer to discovering that the rat is his former best friend.

The soundtrack consists of gripping music which reinforces the film’s thrilling theme. It includes songs like “Comfortably Numb”, “Sail on, Sailor” and “Sweet Dreams”.

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