• Real Steel Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 6th 2011
  • Composer Danny Elfman
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits.
'Till I Collapse (feat. Nate Dogg)
0:24 Charlie and Max arrive at Crash Palace with his new fighter Noisy Boy.
The Midas Touch
0:27 Midas walks out at the fight at Crash Palace before he versus Noisy Boy.
0:28 Noisy Boy's intro before the fight against Midas.
Make Some Noise (Put 'Em Up) [feat. Yelawolf]
0:29 Noisy Boy fights Midas.
Miss the Misery
0:54 During the Zeus interview before the fight when Charlie first sees him.
Here's a Little Something for Ya
1:00 Atom arrives for his first fight against Metro.
1:01 During Atom's first fight against Metro.
Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman Superstars Remix)
1:04 Atom knocks Metro out in the second round.
Give It a Go (feat. Veronica Gardner)
1:06 Max teaches Atom how to dance to improve his speed. This becomes Atom's theme songs as he walks out to fight.
1:12 Atom fights the cowboy robot at the bar. Montage as they train, fight and make money with Atom.
1:15 Atom prepares for his first WRB league fight.
The Enforcer
1:16 Charlie and Max are invited to Zeus's suite.
Fairground Carousel

Official Soundtrack

Real Steel Official Soundtrack
Real Steel Official Soundtrack

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