• One Day Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 18th 2011
  • Composer Rachel Portman
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Complete List of Songs

Talkin' Bout a Revolution
0:04 First song. Emma puts it on the record player while Dexter waits for her in bed.
Sowing the Seeds of Love
0:08 1989, theyre moving furniture.
0:09 1990. Emma is working at the mexican restaurant.
Born of Frustration
0:20 Dexter is lying in bed listening to this song on his headphones while teasing Emma.
0:21 Emma and Dexter are at the bar drinking wine. She tells him he used to have a crush on him.
The Rhythm of the Night
0:28 Song at the club before Dexter drunk calls Emma.
0:32 Dexter shows his mother this on the television.
0:41 1995. Emma wakes up in Ian's house.
0:42 Dexter is filming his show when his father comes in to see him.
Reverend Black Grape
0:44 Dexter walks out on stage to film his show live.
0:47 Emma meets Dexter at a bar for the first time in a while.
0:48 Emma and Dexter sit at a booth at the bar drinking. They talk about each other lives before she tells him to go fuck himself and storms out.
1:00 First song at the wedding reception.
Life Is a Rollercoaster
1:01 Second song at the wedding reception. Dexter drinks with his friend as he watches Emma.
1:02 The bride sings this song at the wedding.
Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)
1:04 Emma and Dexter go up to the rooftop at the wedding. This song is playing in the background.
Don't Stop Movin'
1:10 Dexter looks after his child on his own when his wife goes out for a hens night. He dances briefly to this song.
Sparkling Day
1:41 First song during end credits.

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