The Change-Up (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Carter Burwell
Official Soundtrack 21 Songs
Credited Songs 17 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Brass Monkey    Beastie Boys
0:05 First song in the background when Mitch calls Dave at work. He talks about finding a futon on the street.   
Juicy    Better Than Ezra
0:11 Mitch and Dave go out for their night out. They are driving in the car.   
All Mixed Up    311
0:12 Song at the bar as Mitch and Dave drink.   
Different Hunger    Trevor Hall
0:35 Mike and Mitch meet up after their first day in each other bodies. This song is playing at the bar.   
Cherry Pie    Warrant
0:47 Jamie walks out naked in slow motion and Dave thinks he is going to get sex with her.   
Short Skirt/Long Jacket    Cake
0:59 Dave teaches Mitch what to do, and gives him his responsibilites.   
String Quartet in E Minor G. 202    Quartetto Borciami
1:04 Dave goes to meet Mitch's dad for lunch.   
Higher Ground    Red Hot Chili Peppers
1:06 Mitch (as Dave) goes back and starts being a good father and husband after listening to his dad.   
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall    1 Coldplay
1:14 Dave enjoys all his free time while being Mitch. He reads a books, watches movies, hits baseballs, go-karts, cooks etc.   
Doodlin'    Art Blakey, Horace Silver & The Jazz Messengers
1:17 Classical music when Dave (as Mitch) goes on a date for the first time in ages.   
Let's Get It On    Marvin Gaye
1:35 Dave and Sabrina get undressed and start making out.   
Sundress    Ben Kweller
1:51 End of the movie after the wedding.   
Eine Kliene Nachtmusik    Woldgang Amadeus Mozart
The Pleasure Center    Stephen Greaves
Run Em Over    Daniel Lenz
Dirk Dagger (Private Spy)    Larry Tuttle & Novi Novog
Loco Blues    Homemade Jamz Blues Band


1 Peeing On a Statue / Titles John Debney
2 Waking Up Theodore Shapiro
3 The Lorno Suite John Debney
4 Tatiana! John Debney
5 You're in My Body / To the Fountain! John Debney
6 Changed Up Theodore Shapiro
7 Dressing Up Dave John Debney
8 Mitch's Theme Theodore Shapiro
9 Rotate Your Turret John Debney
10 Change Up Piano / Jamie Cries Theodore Shapiro
11 Baby Suite John Debney
12 Mitch Evolves John Debney
13 Rollerblading / I Love You, Daddy John Debney
14 Baseball Afternoon John Debney
15 The Kinkabe Merger John Debney
16 We Could Wait a Day John Debney
17 Lights Out / Schedule 4 Harrassment John Debney
18 The Skipperling Tattoo, Pt. 1 Theodore Shapiro
19 Dave Is Dave & Mitch Is Mitch John Debney
20 Anniversary Toast John Debney
21 The Change-Up Theodore Shapiro
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