Desperado (1995) Soundtrack 

Original Music Los Lobos
Official Soundtrack 18 Songs
Credited Songs 13 Songs
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Views 1263 (May), 17715 (Total)
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1 Cancion Del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazon) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Los Lobos
2 Six Blade Knife Dire Straits
3 Jack The Ripper Link Wray and His Ray Men
4 Manifold De Amour Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Latin Playboys
5 Forever Night Shade Mary Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Latin Playboys
6 Pass The Hatchet Roger and The Gypsies
7 Bar Fight Los Lobos
8 Strange Face Of Love Tito Larriva and Tarantula
9 Bucho's Gracias / Navajas Attacks Los Lobos
10 Bulletproof Los Lobos
11 Bella 1 Carlos Santana
12 Quedate Aqui Salma Hayek
13 Rooftop Action Los Lobos
14 Phone Call Los Lobos
15 White Train Tito Larriva and Tarantula
16 Back To The House That Love Built Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Tito Larriva and Tarantula
17 Let Love Reign Los Lobos
18 Mariachi Suite Los Lobos
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