21 Jump Street (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Aaron Zigman
Credited Songs 19 Songs
Contributor Bella_Cunningham level 2
Views 4487 (May), 124592 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

The Real Slim Shady    1 Eminem
0:01 First song.   
Police and Thieves    1 The Clash
0:04 Schmidt and Jenko are at the training academy and graduate.   
You Can't Lose    1 The Knux
0:19 Schmidt and Jenko are in their room preparing themselves for the first day of school.   
Boombox    Dirt Nasty
0:21 They get a new car and take turns jumping in front of it.   
Caesar    1 Ty Segall
0:23 Playing from the cool kids car right before Jenko punches the gay black kid in the face. He calls his music gay.   
Helena Beat    1 Foster the People
0:46 First song at the party they throw.   
So Into You    Atlanta Rhythm Section
0:50 Schmidt's parents drive back to the house because his mum forgot her purse.   
Party Rock Anthem    LMFAO
0:51 After Schmidt gets stabbed in the fight. Next song at the party.   
Straight Outta Compton    N.W.A.
0:54 Montage as Jenko (Tatum) bonds with the science kids. And as Schmidt (Hill) gets in the with cool kids.   
Get Me Golden    Terraplane Sun
0:57 Schmidt hangs out at Eric's house.   
Swell Window    1 Zee Avi
0:58 Molly comes in and talks to Schmidt. The others listen in while Schmidt tries to ask her to Prom.   
Lookin' Fly (feat. Will.i.am)    1 Murs
1:20 They get out of the limo for prom.   
Rescue Song    1 Mr. Little Jeans
1:21 First song at the school prom. Molly is high.   
Graduation (Friends Forever)    Vitamin C
1:30 During the photos at the prom.   
Call the Police    Ini Kamoze
1:38 Schmidt and Jenko walk back into the station cheering at the end of the movie.   
21 Jump Street - Main Theme (From the Motion Picture "21 Jump Street")    Rye Rye & Esthero
1:39 First song during end credits.   
21 Jump Street (Main Theme)    Wallpaper.
1:44 Second song during end credits.   
You Are the Best    Tim Myers
Every Time I See Your Face    Elon

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