• The Vow Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 9th 2012
  • Composer Aaron Zigman
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Complete List of Songs

I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
0:01 Leo and Paige drive home from the cinema. Leo sings to this song on the radio.
0:05 Flashback to Leo and Paige's first drink. Montage as they start seeing each other.
0:09 At their wedding as they say there vows.
Leaving On the 5th
0:11 They run from security after their wedding.
0:26 Paige arrives back at her home to a surprise party. She recognizes no one and becomes overwhelmed.
This Too Shall Pass
0:36 Paige goes to the cafe but gets lost trying to get home. Leo brings her home flowers and tries to find her.
Get Myself Together
0:41 Leo, Paige and her sister go out to a bar after dinner. They run into Jeremy and her old school friends.
0:52 Leo plays this song to try and remind Paige how to sculpt.
Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)
1:01 Leo takes Paige on a first date.
Come On, Come On (feat. Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham)
1:05 Leo and Paige go swimming in the lake after there first date.
1:11 Plays at the wedding reception. Paige's dad offers Leo a drink.
Pictures of You
1:35 Paige waits for Leo outside the cafe and asks if he's seeing anyone. Plays into end credits.
Amazing Bass
Problems of Our Own

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The Vow Official Soundtrack
The Vow Official Soundtrack

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