• The Sitter Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 9th 2011
  • Composer Aaron Zigman
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Complete List of Songs

I Wanna Sex You Up
0:01 First song.
Children's Story
0:03 Opening credits as Noah (Jonah Hill) rides his bike home.
Gucci Gucci
0:14 Marisa calls Noah while he's sitting and asks him to buy some cocaine.
0:16 Noah takes the kids out in the mini van so he can go to the party.
0:20 Noah is attacked in the clothes store when the shop assistants think he's trying to abduct the child.
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
0:23 Song in the gym as Noah goes in to buy drugs off Carl.
Dove Sono - From the Marriage of Figaro
0:24 Playing in Carl's room when Noah first meets him.
Rubber Lover
0:26 Noah sits down with Carl before one of his dealers runs in after being shot.
0:27 Playing in the car as the kids wait for Noah while he's buying drugs.
Good As It Seems (Electric Dream)
0:28 Rodrigo walks in and needs to pee while Noah is talking to Karl.
Workin' It Out
0:31 Karl is upset that Noah stole his drugs and is consoled by a female body builder.
Let The Feeling Begin
0:32 Noah goes to try and drop the kids off to their parents, and see's his mum from a distance.
0:33 Noah takes the kids to the fancy party.
0:40 They're on the subway riding the train to meet Karl, so Noah can pay him back.
Hava Nagila
0:41 Garth is listening to this song on his headphones. Karl is asking him for chilli flakes.
Because I Got It Like That
0:53 They chase after the mum's stolen car.
When We In the House
0:54 Noah takes the kids into a club to try and find out who stole the car.
0:57 Noah lets the girl punch him in the face at the bar.
Where It All Started
0:58 Playing in the bar after he gets punched in the face.
Go Outside
1:00 Marisa calls Noah while she's at the party. This song is playing in the background.
Cocaine Blues
1:03 Noah walks into the party to find his girlfriend.
Boom Ha feat. Shad K (Original)
1:03 Second song at the party. Rodrigo is arguing with Slater.
1:04 3rd song at the party. Blithe is dancing on the table.
1:14 He takes the kids home after his friends beat up Karl.
Because I Got It Like That
1:17 They rush to fix up the house and car before the parents get home.
Just a Friend
1:22 First song end credits.
Need Some Bad
1:24 2nd song during end credits.

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  • rtopkat 2 years ago
    The song playing in the background while Noah is helping the little girl shop at Kid City, "Sitter the movie"