• The Sitter Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 9th 2011
  • Composer Aaron Zigman
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Complete List of Songs

I Wanna Sex You Up
0:01 First song.
Children's Story
0:03 Opening credits as Noah (Jonah Hill) rides his bike home.
Gucci Gucci
0:14 Marisa calls Noah while he's sitting and asks him to buy some cocaine.
0:16 Noah takes the kids out in the mini van so he can go to the party.
0:20 Noah is attacked in the clothes store when the shop assistants think he's trying to abduct the child.
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
0:23 Song in the gym as Noah goes in to buy drugs off Carl.
Dove Sono - From the Marriage of Figaro
0:24 Playing in Carl's room when Noah first meets him.
Rubber Lover
0:26 Noah sits down with Carl before one of his dealers runs in after being shot.
0:27 Playing in the car as the kids wait for Noah while he's buying drugs.
Good As It Seems (Electric Dream)
0:28 Rodrigo walks in and needs to pee while Noah is talking to Karl.
Workin' It Out
0:31 Karl is upset that Noah stole his drugs and is consoled by a female body builder.
Let The Feeling Begin
0:32 Noah goes to try and drop the kids off to their parents, and see's his mum from a distance.
0:33 Noah takes the kids to the fancy party.
0:40 They're on the subway riding the train to meet Karl, so Noah can pay him back.
Hava Nagila
0:41 Garth is listening to this song on his headphones. Karl is asking him for chilli flakes.
Because I Got It Like That
0:53 They chase after the mum's stolen car.
When We In the House
0:54 Noah takes the kids into a club to try and find out who stole the car.
0:57 Noah lets the girl punch him in the face at the bar.
Where It All Started
0:58 Playing in the bar after he gets punched in the face.
Go Outside
1:00 Marisa calls Noah while she's at the party. This song is playing in the background.
Cocaine Blues
1:03 Noah walks into the party to find his girlfriend.
Boom Ha feat. Shad K (Original)
1:03 Second song at the party. Rodrigo is arguing with Slater.
1:04 3rd song at the party. Blithe is dancing on the table.
1:14 He takes the kids home after his friends beat up Karl.
Because I Got It Like That
1:17 They rush to fix up the house and car before the parents get home.
Just a Friend
1:22 First song end credits.
Need Some Bad
1:24 2nd song during end credits.

Official Soundtrack

The Sitter Official Soundtrack
1 Apache The Sugarhill Gang
2 Children's Story Slick Rick
3 Go Outside Cults
4 Runnin' Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Pharcyde
5 Gucci Gucci Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kreayshawn
6 Need Some Bad Slick Rick
7 Because I Got It Like That Jungle Brothers
8 Sometimes Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Raphael Saadiq
9 Cocaine Blues Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Escort
10 Where It All Started Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Ohmega Watts
11 When We In the House Blahzay Blahzay
12 Only Knew Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Raphael Saadiq
13 Roxanne-End David Wingo & Jeff McIlwain
14 Just a Friend Biz Markie
15 Hoochie Mama The 2 Live Crew

Trailer Music

Questions (1)

  • rtopkat 1 year ago
    The song playing in the background while Noah is helping the little girl shop at Kid City, "Sitter the movie"