• We Bought a Zoo Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 23rd 2011
  • Composer Aaron Zigman
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Complete List of Songs

Don't Come Around Here No More
0:10 First song, Dylan is expelled from school.
0:14 Music coming from the neighbours party as Benjamin and Rosie look out the window.
Airline to Heaven
0:16 Benjamin (Matt Damon) is driving around with his realtor looking for new houses.
Don't Be Shy
0:25 They arrive at their new house/zoo. Lily welcomes them with a sign.
0:28 Benjamin meets his new zoo staff, and they start to walk around the new.
Living With the Law
0:34 Playing in the bar. Benjamin has a drink with his new workers.
Last Medicine Dance
0:35 Benjamin starts fixing up the enclosures.
Buckets of Rain
0:39 Benjamin has to start signing cheques for all the zoo maintenance.
No Soy del Valle
0:44 The snakes escape out their box.
For a Few Dollars More
0:57 The bear crosses the road as Benjamin drops Dylan to school.
1:00 Song at the bar after they bring the bear back. Dylan and Lily lie under stars.
Boy Lilikoi
1:09 Benjamin tells his staff he's staying and using the 'circus' money for the zoo.
Cinnamon Girl
1:10 After informs his staff that he's staying on. Montage as they prepare and count days the day until the inspection.
Sinking Friendships
1:15 Benjamin looks at photos of his wife on his computer.
1:20 Kelly comes over to the Mee family house for dinner. She talks to Dylan about girls.
Sinking Friendships
1:32 Benjamin goes through his photos again and remembers her and the family.
1:38 Inspector McCready inspects the zoo.
All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
1:44 Playing at the bar the day before the zoo opens.
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
1:47 It's still raining the day before opening.
1:50 The Zoo opens. They walk down the road to find that a tree has blocked everyone off.
Gathering Stories
1:59 First song during end credits.
Like I Told You
Ashley Collective
Ævin Endar
Mariachi el Bronx (feat. Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles)
Ashley Collective
Throwing Arrows

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