• Facing the Giants Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 29th 2006
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Facing the Giants Theme
0:02 The song is played after the first football game and during the opening credits.
Stained Glass Masquerade
0:04 Playing as they show the first day of school at Shiloh Academy.
Our Mystery
0:16 Playing at the end of the scene with Brady and JT and continues playing as we're introduced to David and his father.
Finding You
0:20 Montage of David attempting to kick a field goal.
The Deathcrawl
0:47 Brock attempting the Deathcrawl drill. (Music starts about halfway through the scene.)
Never Give Up On Me
0:56 Played during the "revival" montage at Shiloh.
Come Together
1:00 Montage showing the players finally finding and living out their purpose, in games, at practice, and at school.
1:04 Coach Taylor gets a new truck from Matt Prater and his father.
Come On Back to Me
1:06 Football montage.
1:19 Brooke at the doctor and Grant at the game, both trusting God with the future.
1:32 In the championship game with the Richland Giants. (Music starts when David takes over for Josh.)
Attempting the Impossible
1:39 David attempting a 51-yard field goal.
Voice of Truth
1:44 Ending montage: Grant praying in the orchard and playing with his son, Brooke expecting again. Start of the credits.
1:46 Second song in the credits.

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