This Means War (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Aaron Zigman
Credited Songs 21 Songs
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Views 2534 (Oct), 46538 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Just for You Song Available on Rdio Mr Lonesome and The Bluebelles
0:10 At the family gathering. Tuck and Foster are eating cake.
Look Sharp! Joe Jackson
0:16 Tuck and Foster are playing pool while talking about Tucks first date.
New Girl Song Available on Rdio The Lions
0:19 Tuck and Lauren have there first date.
Human Qualities Song Available on Rdio Explosions in the Sky
0:29 Tuck takes Lauren to the circus trapeze at the end of the date.
Me So Horny Song Available on Rdio 2 Live Crew
0:30 Trish is having sex with her husband while eating food.
Unstoppable (feat. Yoni) Song Available on Rdio The DNC
0:32 Foster takes Lauren on their first date to a club. She walks out.
2am Song Available on Rdio Slightly Stoopid
0:36 Foster and Lauren eat dinner at the pizza joint.
Sabotage Song Available on Rdio Beastie Boys
0:39 Foster and Cole set up a recon job to investigate Lauren. Continues later as both the guys try to sabotage each other.
This Is How We Do It Song Available on Rdio Montell Jordan
0:40 Lauren dances to this song as they break into her home and set up surveillance.
What I Got Torpedotrickser
0:47 Tuck takes Lauren driving in a camaro.
How You Like Me Now Song Available on Rdio The Heavy
0:54 Tuck takes Lauren to skirmish.
Smooth Operator Sade
0:58 Song playing at Foster's house as he tries to seduce Lauren. Tuck shoots him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.
Good Love Kram
1:04 Lauren lets Foster come in at the end of the night and have sex.
Rose's Theme [From "Titanic"] James Horner
1:07 Foster is watching the Titanic when one of his girls comes round.
Repetition Song Available on Rdio Willowz
1:11 Lauren goes inside with Tuck and they start making out. He tells her he's in love.
Good Love Kram
1:32 First song during end credits.
Soft Bossa Song Available on Rdio Giacomo Bondi
Leave It To Me Martin Perkins
The Song I Wrote For You Greg Holden
Flower Duet Ver. 1 Christopher Todd Landor
It Ain't Over Southpaw Swagger

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